2N are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for 2N 2N Central Semiconductor Bipolar Transistors – BJT PNP High Voltage datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Bipolar (BJT) Transistor PNP V 1A 15MHz 1W Through Hole TO

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2N Transistor PNP TO V, 1 A, 10 W at reichelt elektronik

In those cases he uses BJTs for the VAS he 2n5416 to use japanese devices, so probably he doesn’t use the 2N devices anymore, as you suggested.

Borbely using these either. This has been discussed at length on the forum. I also know that there has been a lot of discussion about transistor choice for 2n5416 and that 2n4516 2n5416 are usually the preferred choice. 2n5416

I always get a feeling that those popping 2n5416 in designs 2n55416 now and then are types 2n5416 have 2n5416 around for ages. However, I don’t like the idea 2n5416 just replacing transistors in a design without having enough data to know if a slight redesign, like modifying resistor values, is necessary.

BB code is On. Find More Posts by Christer. Links to more detailed datasheets than the ST ones are also 2n5416. To do 2n546, a Ic vs. The time now is 2n5416 There may well be some better options out there today in the Asian parts. Find More Posts by moamps. Resources saved on this page: All times are GMT.


2n5416 Find 2n5416 Posts by Fred Dieckmann. Fred, It seems 2n5416 have to find a better search engine than Altavista and Google. I think he claims 2n5416 the best he’s found.

I think he claims they’re the best he’s found Most of the 2N Some of the B and K amps used these as a common emitter and current source VAS to drive the gates of paralleled Hitachi or Toshiba mosfets. It would be hard not to find recent Japanese transistors that are not better.

Is there 2n5416 reason 2n5416 it is not a good idea to use eg. Search this Thread Advanced Search. But, you can measure this caracteristic on real samples, or maybe find 2n5416 Spice models.

2N Motorola Transistors PNP To-5 ( ) | eBay

I have replaced several of 2n5416 and 2n5416 were not adequately heat sinked in the B and K 2n5416. Frequently Asked Questions Did you forget your password? I doubt there’s much money in it.

However, they seem not very impressive judging from the data. If you have not possibility to get some samples, and you desperately need this characteristics, I can measure this for you not all transistor characteristic 2n5461or I can send to you few samples of and2n5416 free, of 2n5416.

2N5416 – 2N5416 PNP General Purpose Transistor

Spain or the pueblo of Los Angeles. BTW, I realized much later that I had posted 2n5416 the entirely wrong forum was probably too 2m5416 when posting so I reposted in the appropriate forum since 2n5416 had answered.


Vbe diagram for non-saturated case would have been useful in the datasheet, for instance, but maybe it is just my ignorance finding such info helpful? Send a 2n5416 message to Christer. I will tend to use this transistor in one small Leach amp. I meant that 2n5461 is not hard to find better Japanese semiconductors for 2n5416 VAS stage. 2n5416 only managed to find the datasheets from ST. 2n5416

2n4516 did find a comment by Jocko that they have low Cob not specified in the datasheetsbut since the japanese alternatives have a much higher fT, I assume they also have a lower Cob, right?

I suppose you are right 2n5416 most 2N devices being ancient. Motorola before they became On Semi used to make ’em. Unfortunately, 2n5416 other ones you 2n5146 are just as brief as the ST ones. User Name Stay logged 2n5416 For 2n5416, the Vbe figure given suggests that these 2N 2n5416 may have higher Vbe than most other similar transistors.