High performance and elite level athletes rely on AdvoCare products to enhance their performance. Here are their testimonials. | See more ideas about. As AdvoCare has grown, it has signed dozens of high-profile athletes as endorsers, including NFL QBs Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers and Alex. Meet AdvoCare’s newest endorser – football player Aaron Murray! http://www.

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Do you believe in this? AdvoCare and its athlete endorsers pitch the company as a way to change lives and achieve “financial freedom.

But she acknowledges that almost no one in her downline made money. For 17 years, she worked as a mortgage lender, making “really good money,” the kind of money that allowed her to pay for traveling soccer teams and expensive clothes for her kids.

AdvoCare forbids distributors from using sites like Amazon or eBay; widespread availability would undermine the direct-selling model. One distributor’s slideshow depicts page after page of top salespeople: These independent distributors sell energy drinks, shakes and supplements directly to consumers.

The company has cut off numerous members for various violations, causing their downlines to “roll up” to higher-ranking salespeople, who then profit from the extra commissions. When you become an AdvoCare distributor, you sign a long, complicated contract — the latest version is 33 pages — that outlines the company’s pay plan.

That brand aligns perfectly with the quarterback’s reputation: ESPN interviewed more than 30 current and former salespeople, the vast majority of whom said their focus, and endosrers focus of their superiors, was on recruiting other distributors.


World Class Supplements- AdvoCare Independent Distributor

In addition to its annual Success School, AdvoCare holds a series of smaller conventions like this one in 10 cities across the country. The endorers sacred text, Ragus’ “Guiding Principles,” opens with the admonition: AdvoCare tells distributors to give prospects an official income disclosure statement, which shows how many salespeople reach each level of the company. A murmur rippled through the crowd. Like other MLMs, AdvoCare created a ladder system for its salespeople; in order to climb the ranks — endorsegs range from “advisor” to platinum — and earn bigger bonuses, members had to recruit.

Several days later, a DVD arrived in their mailbox. Those figures don’t include profits from members’ product sales, but they also don’t include expenses, which several distributors say outweigh retail profits. Kamel sued and AdvoCare countersued; the company declined to comment on ongoing litigation.

Drew Brees Has A Dream He’d Like To Sell You

AdvoCare’s sports ties “gave us credibility with every person — every mom who has a son playing football,” Badgett says.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Kamel, who runs a youth basketball school in Plano, adbocare terminated in after he clashed with a member above him, who sent him a racist text, he advoare. But no spokesman matters more — to the company, its distributors or its prospective recruits — than Brees. But by then — the case was ultimately settled — Ragus had already left. She can still recite the line she was fed: At one point, he says, he presided over a downline of advocarr than 30, people, collecting commissions on sales from members many levels beneath him.

The network also owns the AdvoCare Texas Kickoff. MLM supporters say few grievances about the companies surface because they are doing nothing wrong; critics counter that discretion is baked into the business model. They expect the best from themselves, and look to AdvoCare to exceed their expectations. She remembers one of the mantras that was drilled into her: The numbers are stark: As electronic music thumped and images of spinning trophies flashed on a pair of giant screens, Brees, wearing a plaid suit jacket and an AdvoCare medal, strode toward the stage, high-fiving strangers.


In the lobby, just inside the front door, the company has installed a bust of its founder, Charlie Ragus.

Endorsers | World Class Supplements- AdvoCare Independent Distributor

Minutes later, another speaker, also a working mother, broke down in tears. At one point, she clicked on a training video that offered scripts for inviting people to mixers. For three days, teams of AdvoCare members in matching T-shirts swarmed the concourse, taking photos with the company mascot a generic superhero and buying armloads of AdvoCare gear.

Levy denies that the technique encourages deception. Occasionally, he says, they even set up the players’ wives with lucrative distributorships. It’s also less controversial. One endorserss AdvoCare’s earliest distributors, Bruce Badgett, says the company’s top salesmen made dozens of trips to NFL locker rooms, forging handshake deals with strength coaches for the Chiefs, Cowboys and Oilers.

Lots endorseds young people make money.