Press Page. You are here: Home / Books / Amanda Quick / The Paid Companion The simplest solution is to hire a paid companion. Finding the right candidate. About The Paid Companion. “Once again, the incomparable Quick has whipped up a delectable Regency romance” (Booklist)—about an ice-cold business. The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick. Description: The Paid Companion. ARTHUR. Arthur Lancaster, Earl of St. Merryn, was sitting in front of a crackling fire.

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Merryn, amxnda, quirky, decent to the death, with a sizable fortune and lusty nature to match. Her central characters are intelligent, strong-willed and independent, and their verbal sparring is the essence of Ms.

I’d recommend getting this on audio if you can. I feel I enjoy them in this format more than I might in reading them. Arthur Lancaster, Earl of St. I quite liked Arthur as amanda quick the paid companion. Our hero had a great dry wit but I felt it bled over to his personality too much, he was dry as toast.

Do not give me crap crap crap about why I should donate to the Salvation Army. Good but not as good as Ravished. amanda quick the paid companion

The characters were lovable, the mystery well planned, the love scenes blush-worthy, and the writing compelling and flawless. The last thing he wants is to have to deal with the Ton and the many mothers throwing their eligible daughters at him. I had no idea!

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Where there was some mystery plot afoot and rubies were involved. If I wanted that kind of utilitarian reality I would be reading non-fiction! There are over 30 million copies of her books in print.

I suppose the real quicl is that I could easily imagine the story without the “alchemical” nonsense and I liked that story i I blame myself for not liking this as amanda quick the paid companion as I expected to.

The two make a great team and complement each other perfectly. That is just the type of person she is.

The Paid Companion read online free by Amanda Quick

He did adopt a higher pitch and harsher paidd than he used amanda quick the paid companion his narration, but I felt it was in keeping with the amanda quick the paid companion because Arthur is harsh — on the outside at least. Una dama a sueldo nos cuenta la historia de Arthur, conde de St.

I find her books more like comfort reads. Elenora is soon to discover that his secrets are even darker than his decor–and this lark will be a more dangerous adventure than she’d been led to believe. Arthur Lancaster needs a fiancee to keep the marriage-minded away while he seeks his uncle’s murderer.

Quick draws on Regency fascination with science to inform villainous madman Parker, who styles himself “England’s second Newton” and terrorizes Elenora with a precursor of the laser. I loved this so much I made my sister listen to it as well I think she caught the last part and was really intrigued.

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Mass Market Paperbackpages. This may not bother some, but it dimmed my enjoyment a bit. It still makes me smile, squirm with the steamy scenes and ponder how Ms Quick makes a woman from that place and time period so clever, yet affable and quidk to the reader. I imagine someone, somewhere, has actually never tried her before. Pakd the story was written so well, amanda quick the paid companion get to see him learn how to smile, crack companioon amanda quick the paid companion and start to feel emotion.

It was ab Oh this audiobook!


But the mystery part was unnecessary lol I skimmed over those parts. This is how I found The Paid Companion. My second book from Ms. The heroine, Elenora, is spunky, brave, and intelligent. Lastly, as is the case in sooooo many amanda quick the paid companion, the hero is the better written and more likable character while the heroine is unlikable and irritating. How did you guess? May 31, becky rated it it was ok Recommends it for: