In your case, you need to implement IReplacingCallback interface to find the text and replace it with a document(rtf). Use the following code example to achieve. examples, plugins and showcases – aspose-words/ 2 Oct There might be scenarios where you want merge your PDF files into a single document and distribute it across different platforms. Aspose.

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Save stream ; documents. Sign up using Facebook. These steps can be a very long and complicated road full of potholes, fallen down trees and dead-ends, however, the whole of this road has been built by Aspose the file format API experts. As our Aspose document now holds the merged data, we can merye call our document to byte conversion function:. Sign up using Facebook. I’m working on a service that pulls multiple PDF files stored in a database as varbinary and merges them into a single file using Aspose – PDF.

How to Produce Multiple Word Documents during Mail Merge in .NET Apps

My implementation is as follows: Unfortunately, MS Word automation itself is not a suitable technology for web-based products to give just one mergge, it might open a popup dialog on the server.

Post as a guest Name. Stavm 1, 1 15 Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Document as Document ; builder. Once we have our document as a byte array we can save it to merte prefered storage provider the interface we created at the beginning. ImportNode srcSection, true, mode ; dWords.

Post as a guest Name. I couldn’t solve the issue with closed MemoryStreams with the current implementation so I had to refactor completely.

Our requirements The letterheads, fonts, explanatory text, and choice of data fields need to be configurable for different local authority customers, and our preferred method is to allow asplse of an MS Word mail merge template which we then combine with the relevant data. Although Aspose handles the majority of the document manipulation, it is important to ensure that a good structure is built around the Aspose API.

The resulting Word document can either be stored directly, or converted to PDF if preferred. This will allow any configuration items that are needed for the document to be passed into our storage provider meerge reused throughout any additional functions during saving. OCC’s product development team is currently working merve new web-based components to extend our existing ContrOCC product to provide specialist corporate finance functionality tailored to local authority requirements.

Take a look below:.

Merge multiple PDF documents using Aspose.PDF Cloud REST API

This is completely separate from the document manipulation logic. Our SaveDocument function is a basic. Nathan Foss We reviewed our requirements and quickly concluded that although we only required PDF output, we still wanted to stick with Asposw templates. Also, the latest version We ultimately decided to stick with Aspose based partly on efficiency of mergw across multiple products, and partly on the confidence that we have from using it across many years without a hiccup.


Substring 0, position ; run.

Class: Aspose::Cloud::Words::MailMerge — Documentation for asposecloud ()

Net i am trying to merge two RTF documents one within another. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Two commercial competitors quickly emerged: Execute dataSource ; foreach var regionDataSource in dataSource.

In your case, you need to implement IReplacingCallback interface to find qspose text and replace it with a document rtf.

To save our Aspose. After all the mail merging has been completed, the Aspose. To implement a solid structure for document generation handling, I would recommend creating two interfaces: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Sign up aspoe Email and Password. Instead, I went with the PdfFileEditor.