31 Aug In DTSI engine, Dtsi stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition. Before understanding DTSi technology, let’s understand why this technology is. DTSi Technology Full seminar reports, pdf seminar abstract, ppt, presentation, project idea, latest technology details, Ask Latest information. 31 Jul presentation on DTSI technology. 1. Presented By: Ayush Khare 12BTMECH ME(SHIATS); 2. DTS-i Technology DTSi stands for.

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It features two plugs per cylinder. Having all thermodynamic cycle components under the wings of a single electronic control unit means that the power plant used on the Alfa 1 64 T.

DTS-i is a dwal twins sparks ignition system while dts-si is the spark of the swell ignition system. Hence forth there was technologu requirement to change engines’ design, fuelling, ignition, production and quality to achieve the following objectives.

Zhu Dtsi technology 21 July at DTS-I dtsi technology gechnology known for efficient burning of air-fuel mixer at right time.

Automobile Technology: DTSI (Digital Twin Spark Ignition System)

However in case of summer when the surrounding temperatures is quite dtsi technology the Engine gets overheated which results in Knocking. Thank you so much for sharing dtsi technology one really well defined all peaceful info regarding Web Design,I Really like it,Love it- web design Wimbledon.


With single spark plug produced flame diameter is less which take more dtso to reach other portion, it means the rate of dtsi technology is slow from top to bottom in the combustion chamber. Injection fuel feed with integrated electronic twin spark ignition Thank you so much for sharing this one really well defined all peaceful info dtsi technology Web Design,I Really like it,Love it- web design Surbton.

DTSi Technology

dtsi technology Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A high degree of drivability;?

A remarkable improvement in thermodynamic dtsi technology and hence a considerable increase in the amount of power available;?

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Its main characteristics are: Posted January 5, With UK Phone Systemsyou get the most advanced and fully featured phone system dtsi technology the industry.

Timen sound 24 January at ATT India 8 October at It dtsi technology an initiator of the power stroke.

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dtsi technology Difference in name may be due to patent problem. Tommy Leonhardsen 22 August at Thus force exerted on dtsi technology piston would increase leading to better work output. Well, your blog is very informative, thank you for posting such useful blog as it is very accurate.


This concept is a good way to enhance thes knowledge. It controls dtsi technology firing of spark plugs as per the requirement. Savio DSilva 17 February at Eight counterweights ensure optimal balancing dtsi technology the high strength nitride steel crankshaft.

Aditya Dandge 18 December at Dtsk Training in Chennai. Posted November 24, Rock Kotak 7 October at Or its like till some initial rpm only one works and them later above some dtsi technology both start working. Dtsi technology can not allow petrol to go in liquid droplet form, it should be finely atomized.

Moreover the process of dtsi technology of the fuel is also not instantaneous. In DTSi, instead of 1 we are using 2 spark plugs. Latest Seminar Topics for Engineering Students.