9 Mar Hi guys Has any one here ever tried out Frank Gambale’s Chop builder. Its basically a DVD, play along guitar practice routine and is a lot like. Frank Gambale’s Chop Builder is one of the best instructional videos for the guitar. The video contains exercises in alternate picking, scales. 22 Apr Hey guys and gals, Wanted to share a video that I’m working on for almost a week now [media] If you click through to Youtube you can find.

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GusApr 22, Include a very descriptive and concise title along with one of the following including the brackets in your post: Frank hits the ground running in the video, gambzle if you cannot play at speed, learn the exercises and play along with a metronome at a speed you are comfortable with.

Incidentally, I highly recommend buying this video. AdjiApr 27, I suspect the lack of much recent response may be because the video used to be on YouTube as per the original posters link, however the video has been removed due to a copyright claim by Frank Gambale.

Someone definitely needs to do an intense analysis. May 4, Messages: I am not a musician — please do correct me if I am wrong.


BlindGuitarist you definitely necro’ed this thread, and I cannot answer your question but I would guess that the proper fingering is whatever has the most economy, i. I have it on DVD – my thoughts are a little fran. No, create an account now. Chris, I meant you revived this thread although I see nothing wrong with that because the video itself is many years older yet. However, how anyone could cyopbuilder forget Franks dress sense is beyond me.

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Chop Builder- The Ultimate Guitar Workout : Guitar

BlindGuitaristAug 6, Your post MUST contain information! Nov 15, Messages: Share This Page Tweet. Hey guys and gals, Wanted to share a video that I’m working on for almost a week now In the first A triplet, Frank uses his ring finger like a regular A minor folk chord fingering, and in the second A cjopbuilder he uses his middle finger which allows a simple slide up with the index and middle finger for the next bar.

Gakbale that everyone is a beginner at some point. I can’t work out a useable fingering for Round 5, Exercise 4 C Mixolydian in 6th’s”. Want to add to the discussion? Is that Paul Gilbert on the left in the first one? Do you already have an account?

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As I watch round five example four, in the last bar Frank seems to make a flub at least in the half-time close-up shot. Frank may switch fingerings mid-bar in anticipation of whatever comes next.

It looks like he misses the last down pick, and also makes a rather shifty and unnatural movement with the left hand.

The video contains exercises in alternate picking, scales, modes, arpeggios, string skipping, sweeping and more. Mar 31, Messages: Not only do I want to sort this out for my own practicing, but I need to remove any ambiguity when outlining the exercise for my students who are also blind. If you are looking cho;builder technical exercises to add into your practicing, I hope you find this helpful.

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But, even knowing which fran Frank is playin gand exactly where chobuilder is playing them, I can’t figure out a workable fingering for this exercise. I had no idea about switching fingers mid-exercise in anticipation.

My theory here is this clip missed the cutting room floor and made it into the tape, and thus the transcription as well.

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The best thing though is the lycra-clad lovelies in the background, and the 2 other guys that sit behind Frank’s hairy shoulders. For example, the sixths exercise I mentioned in my original post, especially the turn-around Bb on string-6 fret-6 is involved. You’ll see improvements after doing this whole thing once, but doing just the picking exercises for 3 days in a row will show the effect of day-to-day practice.

Guitar submitted 4 years ago by br33dlove. Take for example round one example three: My Skype ID is “smartguitarist” minus the quotation marks. No way I can come close to keeping up! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If it’s the later, you are in the wrong place.

I will try to answer your first question the best I can, but I make the disclaimer to you and anyone else reading: