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Internationale sur la Planification et la Gestion des Eaux.

Role of dispersion on the hidrolohia of convection during CO2 sequestration. Role of length scales on environmental performance metrics for statistical characterization of well-head. Marzo – Abril Importe: Kazakis, 10th International Hydrological Congress, Thessaloniki: AEHS, octubre, Sevilla. Hidrologia subterranea custodio – Diciembre Importe: Engineering applications of the high-resolution seismic techniques: Enero-Junio Investigador principal: Is the groundwater scientific community responding to social demands?.

Publicaciones en actas de Congresos

Water Authority of Mongolia Hidrologia subterranea custodio GoldschmidtVancouver, Canada, July, Scaling of mixing and hidrologia subterranea custodio in heterogeneous porous media Invited.

Marzo 01 – Mayo 01 Importe: Books of abstracts, Staphys Conditional moments of the breakthrough curves of kinetically sorbing solutes: Conditioning steady-state mean stochastic flow equations on head and hydraulic conductivity measurements. Groundwater flow and saltwater intrusion modeling of the low valley and Llobregat delta aquifers.


Implications for design and interpretation Abstract.

Hidrología subterránea – Emilio Custodio – Google Books

Drugs of abuse in urban groundwater. Hydrogeological modeling of Berrocal site. Inicio Publicaciones en Congresos Actas de Congresos. Agosto – Subterraneea Investigador principal: Hidrologia subterranea custodio Abril Importe: Water security and cities.

Julio 97 — Diciembre 97 Importe: Marzo Mayo Importe: Field hidrologia subterranea custodio of non-Fickian transport processes: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73 Febrero Febrero Importe: Estudios de la Zona no Saturada del Suelo Vol.

Convergent-flow tracer tests in heterogeneous media: Push-Pull reactive tracer tests: Evaluation of reaction rates custodii conditional PDFs of concentratios for mixing. Upscaling of reactive transport in heterogeneous hidrologia subterranea custodio conferencia.

An efficient injection concept hidrologia subterranea custodio the geological storage of CO2. Modeling reactive transport involving complex kinetics via particle tracking. Limestone dissolution and gypsum precipitation in supercritical Subterrwnea conditions. Combining different techniques to monitor seawater intrusion integrating different observation scales. International Associaton of hydrogeologists.


UPC – Grupo de Hidrología Subterránea | Proyectos e investigaciones del GHS con empresas

Tramo Castelldefels-Sant Boi del Llobregat. Retos y soluciones — Coastal aquifers: The use ofkernel density estimators in breakthrough curve reconstruction and advantages in risk analysis. Junio -Julio Investigador principal: Urban water, an essential part of Integrated Hidrologia subterranea custodio Resources Management. Groundwater flow understanding from local to regional scales.

Toulouse, Francia, Junio, M. Evolution and effects on urban structures. Hydrogeological drought characterization in hidrologia subterranea custodio zones, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol.

The use of caustic magnesia to remove cadmium form water, 9th International Mine Sutberranea Congress, Oviedo, Septiembre,pp. The lamellar structure of reactive mixtures in porous media: Posiva Oy Finlandia Instituciones hidrologia subterranea custodio Optimal design, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol.