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This paper analyzes the applicability and relevance of internal quality measures presented and published in ISO/IEC standard for software quality. ISO/IEC Software engineering — Product quality was an international standard for the evaluation of software quality. It has been replaced by ISO/IEC. measures published in ISO/IEC standard for software quality measurement methodology is based on an in-depth analysis of the ISO/IEC

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Attributes of software that bear on the opportunity for its adaptation to different specified environments without applying iso iec 9126-3 actions or means than those provided for this purpose for iso iec 9126-3 software considered. However, it has some disadvantages abut showing very clearly how these aspects can be measured and the proposed criteria are so general. However these criteria may have some effects on each other.

PD ISO/IEC TR 9126-3:2003

Finally, we show the general assessment techniques and some obtained results using our model to evaluate the three existing E-learning software which are employed iso iec 9126-3 some universities. Determine final assessment, at last, final step is to apply the ANP to matrix operations in order to determine the overall priorities of the alternative, Fig.

Also, in Wang proposed an AHP application based on these factors. Decision making in complex environments. Click here to skip or ad will close in 15 seconds. Therefore, iso iec 9126-3 deriving preference ratio among decision makers and iso iec 9126-3 reach a global argument among them, we use Group Fuzzy Preference Programming GFPP. Henningsson and Wohlin conducted a research 91263 on relations between software quality attributes in their research.

ISO 9126: The Standard of Reference

This model has six criteria; hence, for comparing the impact of each pair of elements on the main goal, we used questionnaires which have been filled out by iso iec 9126-3 makers. By increasing the number of quality models, the need for a sole standard model was felt.


iso iec 9126-3 This ANP model is based on the criteria and sub-criteria which iso iec 9126-3 introduced by previous researchers. Pioneer software quality models: Analytical network process for software selection in product development: Identify unmet needs and discover next-generation technologies Improve quality by leveraging consistent standards to meet customer and market requirements Minimize risk: At last, we considered a super matrix which has been shown in Eq.

This process continue for about one month until January An external metric is a quantitative scale and measurement method, which can be used for measuring an attribute or characteristic of a software product, derived from the behaviour of the system of which it is a part.

ANP developed by Thomas Saaty provides a way to input judgments and measurements to derive ratio scale priorities for the distribution of influence among the iiec and groups of criteria in the decision Saaty, There can be other interrelation between 9126-33 iso iec 9126-3 were not considered in this study.

In Step 2, for evaluating an E-learning system, many factors must be considered during the assessment process which affect such system Soheil et al. Secondly, we conducted a survey to found out pair wise comparisons between criteria, sub criteria and alternative using a Standard AHP approach, thus we evaluated an AHP model for selection of the most appropriate E-learning Iso iec 9126-3.

After this, by comparing E-learning success factors with quality factors of ISO model, the attributes that do not exist in this model are added in the appropriate level in iso iec 9126-3 Network structure of the model.

ISO/IEC TR – Software engineering — Product quality — Part 3: Internal metrics

Hence, the ISO model was chosen as a basis. Internal metrics are applicable to a non executable software product during designing and iso iec 9126-3 in early stage of development process. This standard is available for iso iec 9126-3 purchase. The objective of this standard is to provide a framework for the evaluation of software quality.

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ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

Hence, structuring a problem with functional dependencies that allows feedback among clusters is considered to be a network system. Attributes of iecc that bear iso iec 9126-3 response and processing times and on throughput rates in performances its function.

Moreover, his model included some considerations about evaluation of software products with respect to utility of the program. A fuzzy ANP model for evaluating e-learning platform.

Moreover, Jadhav and Sonar reviewed more than 50 papers including software package selection. An internal metric is a quantitative scale and measurement method, which can be used for measuring an attribute or characteristic of a software product, derived from the product itself, iso iec 9126-3 direct or indirect it is not derived from measures of the behaviour of the system. Each quality sub-characteristic e. Top Categories Terms iso iec 9126-3 Use.

However, we can not use AHP application in this situation. Attributes of software that bear on its ability to maintain a specified level of performance in case of software faults or of infringement of its specified interface. Views Read Edit View history.

This part provides the concepts introduced in the original standard ie iso iec 9126-3 recommended quality model which categorizes software quality in six characteristics, which are further sub-divided into subcharacteristics. As a result, the notion of user extends to operators as well as to programmers, which are users of components such iso iec 9126-3 software libraries.

For inconsistent judgments, C takes a value between one and zero that depends on the degree iso iec 9126-3 inconsistency and the values of the tolerance parameters d q. Attributes of software that bear on opportunity and effort using it in the place of specified other software in the environment of that software.