change in enthalpy between the outlet and inlet of the machine [2] A. Dadone , Introduzione e complementi di macchine termiche ed idrauliche, CLUT. G. Cornetti: Macchine Idrauliche. Ed. Il Capitello, A. Dadone: Macchine idrauliche. Ed. CLUT-Torino, G. Lozza: Turbine a gas e cicli combinati. Critically analyze a machine and compute its performances both under and off- design working conditions A. Dadone, Macchine Idrauliche, CLUT, Torino.

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Programma definitivo per l’A. The written exam, lasting 1 hour, consists of the solution of problems related to the water resources management modeling.

The student is required to show ability in: Particular care is paid to the choice of the machinery in order to optimize the plant efficiency.

Università degli Studi Mediterranea РUndergraduate РCourse summary

The delivery and correction must be done before the end of the course. Characteristic curve of centrifugal pumps: Inter-cooled multi-stage compression, re-heating, regeneration.

L’insegnamento intende fornire una visione panoramica nel campo delle Macchine a Fluido, articolando gli argomenti nel modo seguente: Fundamentals of thermodynamic and fluid dynamic 3.

Compressible fluids polytropic transformations and incompressible. Delivery modes The classroom training consists in solving exercises and practical problems by applying the concepts covered in the lessons. The representation of motion: Risultati attesi Macchine Learning Outcomes. Objectives of the course The course’s aim is to provide the knowledge of the most important thermodynamic and hydraulic machines.

Stress in steady fluid and moving fluid. Reference textbooks for additional knowledge: Other information Sample constituted by 70 students. The course is composed of two modules, one relative to Hydraulic and Thermal Machines, the other to the design of the Structural Mechanics. Sample constituted by 70 students.


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Students can take the final exam only after the delivery and eventual correction of some exercises that the teacher will put on the course’s web pages. Prevalenza, portata, rendimento, potenza.

Caratteristiche manometriche e mappa dei rendimenti. Portata in massa, lavoro, rendimento, potenza. Subject fundamentals The course is composed of two modules, one relative to Hydraulic and Thermal Machines, the other to the design of the Structural Mechanics. Pelton, Francis, Elica e Kaplan, altri tipi. Generatore di vapore caldaia e condensatore. Extended program The course deals with hydroelectric power and hydraulic machinery, irrigation methods and structures and drainage systems.

The course examines advanced simulation and optimization techniques for complex hydrosystems and describes the main hydrological variables and methods for hydrosystems and water resources management.

Prediction of residual life. Haigh diagram of the material. Servizi per la didattica. Density and specific weight.

Gestione Didattica – Politecnico di Torino

Optimal design of branched and looped systems. Dimensional analysis and similitude Fundamental and derivative quantities.

Mechanic characteristic and constant-speed part-load performance curve. Percentage of students who obtained an exam mark included in the range 18 – 21 0. Start-up and selection of a pump.

Operating machines with incompressible fluid pumps: Choice of hydraulic machines. All these elements are directed to the design of hydraulic infrastructures The course is organized in different units as follows: The Hydraulic and Thermal Machines module aims at supplying the complements of the main fluid-flow machines, with specific reference to principles of operation, evaluation of performance and off-design operations of both the single fluid-flow machine and the energy system in which it is inserted.

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They also provide further information about topics and help to understand better the theoretical features of lectures. Manometric characteristics and efficiency map. Practical activities are provided during the course.


The test has the aim to prove the ability of understanding the proposed problems and applying theoretical knowledge in order to obtain quantitative results, the skill to elaborate by self-judgment proper remarks, and the capacity to effectively communicate in a written form. As regards the Structural Mechanics module, it will analysed the problems of static, fatigue and thermo-mechanical fatigue failure of components and will be presented the methodology of analytical study and technical standard rule on pressure vessels.

Steam mass flow-rate control by throttling and choking. The test duration is 3 hours 1,5 hours for each part. Each group of lectures dealing with a specific topic is immediately followed by a session of exercises: Combustion in Diesel engine.

Problemi di Idraulica e Maccanica dei Fluidi. Reference textbooks for improving the study A.

The exam is composed of two practical problems and four open-ended questions related to the theory one practical problem and two questions for each part of the course. I e II, Patron, Bologna, ; 5.