An optocoupler or opto-isolator consists of a light emitter, the LED and a light sensitive . I use latch 74hc and put 8 optocoulpers pc in 8 inputs of latch . PC Series. PC Series. High Density Mounting Type. Photocoupler PC Anode mark. PC Internal connection diagram. PC PC PC PC Photocoupler has a transistor which is controlled based on light (photon). So this IC basically has an IR LED and a photo-transistor inside it.

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I F in Fig. Two things can be adjusted – increase current through input diode by reducing the value of the R1 in my diagram – or increase the value of the R2 in my diagram. If this is wrong can you suggest me another circuit? Note that the timing delay response through the optocoupler in the PCA model may not represent an accurate picture of the real delays to be expected in a physical circuit implementation. This is just friendly feedback.

PC817 Photo-Coupler IC

Please tell me that is this connection good. So I think based on above calculation, Input resistor of 1K will work fine and collector Load resistor has to be added of value 10K.

Ideally the optocoupler should in this case act as though it is invisible, that is the HCT gate connected to the optocoupler output should see an available current of up to 4mA, just as though it was connected optociupler the output of another HCT gate.

I am getting an output voltage of 3. Did you read the datasheet?? Assuming that a single HCT output is only feeding this optocoupler, a logic 1 voltage of about 4.

This simple interface has one more safety feature; diode D1 connected across the motor will effectively prevent any nasty back EMF spikes generated by the inductive load the motor from causing damage to the interface. Next Article Timer IC. What is the pull down value? You contribute a lot to the site but I think that you go over the head of the OPs quite often using acronyms, initialisations and electronic concepts that the users may not have come across.

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So i am giving this voltage to controller. Top menu About Us Advertise. If a higher value than 1. I mean if I make this connection in real, will this work? Taimoor Ali 83 This isn’t a “3. But I dont want it like this. The ground line of the IR LED pin 2 and the ground line of the transistor pin 4 will not be connected together.

The complete working can also be understood form the GIF file above. If you have 12V feeding the input diode via 1K you will be producing a forward current of about 10mA. Sign up using Facebook. Optocoupper pull-up resistor 1K acts as a load resistor. I feel that,when the collector opto coupler current flows, the drop developed across emitter will be comparable with collector voltage thus limiting the base current negative feedback.

PC OptoCoupler Optoisolator DIP IC

The problem is lessened by ensuring that the external circuit is fully isolated from the computer and an optocoupler such as the PC is a cheap and effective assuming no major user errors solution. The Web This site. Another important parameter to consider while opotcoupler an Optocoupleris the rise time t r and fall time t f.

Describe basic applications of optocouplers: You certainly can post schematics.

Using Opto Couplers

Using the data in Table 5. Because the CTR of an optocoupler can be expected to reduce over time, it is common practice to choose iptocoupler value for I F somewhat lower than the maximum, so that the intended performance can still be achieved over the intended lifetime of the circuit. How can I get 3.


Remember to keep your load on the output to very small current. Consider increasing R13 to 2. It would also be possible to replace R13 with a constant current source.

Using the PC IC is pretty much straight forward, we just have to connect the anode pin of the IR LED pin 1 to the logic input which has to be isolated and the cathode pin 2 of the IR led to the ground.

There are many optocouplers on the market and to find the most appropriate for a particular purpose, vendor’s catalogues and manufacturers datasheets should be studied. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the otocoupler is subject to these policies. Top menu About Us Contact.

If you supply a schematic with values as you use it, we will be able to offer much pc8817 answers much quicker. Tony is trying to say a few things: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Field Effect Transistors 5.

Oprocoupler a Schmitt inverter also re-inverts the output waveform, which was an inverted version of the input waveform at the collector of the phototransistor.

Having found an approximate figure for the CTR, which suggests that input and output conditions should be similar, at 4mA, the next task is to calculate the values of R1 and Iptocoupler. I am using 1k res on pin1 and a pull down resistor of 1k on 3rd pin. Ideally you should have a pull up resistor.