2 Jul Lord Cullen pictured with a model of the wreckage of the Piper Alpha at the inquiry at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre in The first Cullen Report was prompted by Occidental Petroleum’s Piper Alpha disaster on 6 July , in which gas condensate. 6 May Piper Alpha that killed workers in the world’s deadliest offshore oil industry disaster. BACKGROUND The Cullen Inquiry resulted in

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Shortly afterwards, gas alarms activated, the first-stage gas compressors tripped and the flare was observed to be much larger than usual. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Sign In or Create an Account. The Public Inquiry sat for a total of days. Piper was operating in Phase 2 mode until three days before the disaster, when the molecular sieves were taken out of service for routine maintenance.

The requirement to export gas — with the associated separation of condensate — was an afterthought and involved extensive modification. It took over three weeks for piper alpha cullen report fires to be extinguished.

Shutdown of oil production only started on Tartan at about This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Piper alpha cullen report National Archives, Kew. How many live permits can I find today?

Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term piper alpha cullen report, please sign in to your Oxford Aalpha account above. After announcing on 7 July that a public inquiry would be held to establish the circumstances and causes of the accident on Piper Alpha, Cecil Parkinson, Secretary of State for Energy made a further statement on 14 July outlining the form the inquiry would take: Get up from your desk.

For more information, visit here. Piper alpha cullen report Alpha proved spectacularly productive and when the operator, Occidental, sought permission to increase rates, permission was granted on condition that gas should also be exported instead of being flared.

The Cullen Reports

Have you seen this error elsewhere? The first explosion piper alpha cullen report quickly followed by an oil pipe rupture and fire. Despite valiant attempts, dense smoke and fire prevented anyone from reaching them.


While bespoke communications can have some benefits, minimum standards were not set or met.

Piper Alpha: The Disaster in Detail – Features – The Chemical Engineer

Lord Piper alpha cullen report concluded that the gas came from a pump which should not have been activated because a metal disc was being used as a stop-gap while a pressure safety valve was being checked. After any accident, there is a very human need to find out exactly what went wrong, to attribute clear causes for any accident, to implement specific recommendations to fix them and move on.

Oil exported from Tartan and Claymore flowed out of the ruptured piper alpha cullen report line on Piper Alpha, flooded the floor and overflowed to the floor beneath, starting a large pool fire which impinged directly on the gas import and export lines, leading to their rupture — and hence to the inevitable escalation of events on Piper Alpha.

He stipulated that from safety cases should be submitted by all operators of North Sea installations. After piper alpha cullen report rupture of the first gas line, Piper Alpha was doomed. The accident highlighted the inadequacies of both the permit to work and the shift handover procedures. Too little gas could have been flared at the other platforms in the time available to make any real difference.

Those with excellent permit to work systems might have felt complacent and failed to learn the many other lessons that Cullen gives in his truly outstanding report.

Piper Alpha Public Inquiry: Records | The National Archives

The explosion was caused by an ignition of an oil vapour cloud due to an overflow from a piece piper alpha cullen report processing equipment. When did I last test each part of my emergency response in practice? Your details If you provide contact details, we will be in touch about your request within 10 working days.

Read the rest of the series here. The men in the control room were knocked off their feet and thrown to floor. The escaping condensate ignited. Operators kept a log but often failed to record piper alpha cullen report activities. Why are they overridden?


Engulfed in reportt, over the next few hours most of the oil rig topside modules collapsed into the sea. Piper Alpha Perspectives 6th July Incoming crews were supposed to be given safety induction training by the safety department. The inquiry concluded that the most likely cause of the first explosion was the release of as little as 30 kg of condensate mainly propane over thirty seconds though an unsecured blind flange in Module C where ;iper pressure safety relief valve had been removed as part of maintenance on the standby piper alpha cullen report pump.

They provide full powers for appointing assessors, summoning witnesses, collecting evidence and making recommendations. The pressure relief valves for the condensate injection pumps were located one floor above the pumps. The assessment of risk was piper alpha cullen report. When fire broke out on Piper Alpha, the only way to activate the fire-fighting system was to start the pumps locally. This delayed shut-down on the other platforms, particularly on Claymore and Tartan. As diving was such a regular part of normal operation, in practice the pumps remained on manual most of the time.

Subscribe today Subscribe today from 99p. The publication piper alpha cullen report launched in in response to the disastrous explosion at Flixborough, in order for the process industries to share information about accidents.

Switch off the computer.

Much of the information was cullej of date or inapplicable to Piper Alpha. They could elect, by secret ballot every two years, someone to represent them in dealings with the installation management on health and safety and to establish safety committees on each platform.

He spent the best part of two years poring over the details of the night and taking evidence from huge numbers of people. How many overrides are in place today?