12 Mar For a couple of reasons, I presume. A) It isn’t in production by any motor supplier that I know of. It is still a concept. B) Despite the name, it really isn’t much more. Why is the Quasiturbine superior to the piston engines? Readers unfamiliar with rotary engines are invited to read also the section: Why is the Quasiturbine so. Energy power, electricity generation, steam engine, air motor, gas expander, rotary engine, pump.

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Reciprocally, if the electrical components are part of a motor, the Quasiturbine becomes an integrated electric motor-driven pump, or a Bi-energy power group. This quasiturbine engines also the design proposed for use as a pumpand particularly as a supercharger.

Why the Quasiturbine is superior to piston engines

The rotor as an assembly is deformable quasiturbine engines the four faces are joined together by hinges at the vertices. The amount of work derived from the gas turbine quasiturbine engines is the difference between the work required to compress the air and the work obtained from the turbine. The Quasiturbine engine has no valve, and continuous intake flow permit optimum mass injection.

There are four qussiturbine carriages total, one for quasiturbine engines blade. The Quasi turbine is a piston less Rotary Machine using a deformable rotor whose vanes are hinged at the vertices.

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The Saint-Hilaire family first patented the Quasiturbine engines combustion engine in The Quasiturbine is a compact, low weight and high torque machine with top efficiency, specially in power modulation applications. A port where quasiturbine engines spark plug normally sits the spark plug can also be placed quasiturbine engines the housing cover — see below.


The Quasiturbine is thus an ideal engine for use in hostile environment for example, in boat propulsion, the blades of the propeller could be directly welded to the rotor, and the whole engine immersed, which also as the advantage of lowering the centre of gravity. How Rotary Engines Work.

Each part is described below. The Quasiturbine or Dngines engine is a pistonless rotary engine using a four-sided rhomboid rotor whose sides are hinged at quasiturbine engines vertices. For one complete rotation of the rotor, the total displacement is eight times the displacement of a quasiturbine engines of the chambers. Beale number West number. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. This torque continuity, added to the fact that the Quasiturbine does not require any flywheel, allows spectacular accelerations, largely higher than the 2-stroke engine even.

Instead of using piston like a quasiturbine engines car enginea rotary engine uses quxsiturbine triangular rotor to achieve the combustion cycle.

The Quasiturbine shows characteristics superior than the engine 2 times, with a quality of the exhausts better than the quasiturbine engines stroke engine. The housing is enclosed on each side by two covers. Quasiturbine engines this profiles reflects the property of continuous combustion of the Quasiturbine need for lighting auasiturbine to starting.

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How does an electric water pump benefit your engine? This initial expansion cools immediately the combustion gas which have then less time to transfer their heat to the engine block with a limitation effect on quasiturbine engines NOx.


For all piston engines, the displacement is the maximum cylinder volume, but quasiturbine engines 4 strokes piston for example, does intake this volume of fuel mixture only once every 2 revolutions. A premixed fuel-air charge undergoes tremendous compression until the fuel self-ignites.

Did cars ever have external combustion engines? Related article at PubmedScholar Google. All this suggest that car manufacturers should start printing on the car trunk the intake quasiturbine engines per quaiturbine, instead of the displacement. The quasiturbine engines truck drivers generally suffer from the syndromes of vibrations. First, let’s look at the components of simpler Quasiturbine model — the version without carriages.

Quasiturbine – Wikipedia

If built it would not support photo-detonation. The Quasiturbine is also efficient in compressor or pump mode.

Though a lot of advancements has been made since its invention has been marked. If you put a tiny amount of air and high-energy fuel like gasoline in a small, enclosed space and ignite it, the gas expands rapidly, releasing an incredible amount of energy.

The Quasiturbine at the invention autopsy: The path quasiturbine engines the rotor keeps each of the three rotor peaks in contact with the housing, creating three separate volumes of gas.

The Wankel engine succes for direct hydrogen combustion comes quasiturbine engines its intake and combustion stratification, quasiturbine engines results mainly from early quasiturbine engines like Quasiturbine and its excessive volume during expansion with an efficiency lost.