This page contains information, photos and stories related to Sant Namdev. Namdev: Namdev, leading poet-saint of the Indian medieval period, who wrote in three centuries after his death) and to information gleaned from his sometimes. 19 Dec Namdev (occasionally Nam Dev or Sant Namdev) (c. . Another version of Namdev’s biography, relates that as a youth he was a reputed.

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Greatly mortified, Namdev repaired to Vithoba and complained to Him of his humiliation. Yadusheth, his ancestor in the seventh generation, was a devotee of Bhagawad-Dharma.

Shri Sant Namdev Maharaj Charitra

Visoba then taught Namdev:. Vithoba then appeared before him and ate the offerings in response to the utter devotion of young Namdev. Namdev won the admiration of the Sultan and his party. Namdev proceeded to the village immediately and sant namdev information in there at about noon.

If you think that such a spot can be found, kindly place my feet there. This is my experience of life. At the infor,ation time, he suggests good conduct and purity of life. The history sant namdev information in earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here:.

Parisha searched for the stone and found, not sxnt single stone, but a whole lot. Namdev was shocked, woke up the man and rebuked him for this sacrilege. The details of Namdev’s life are unclear.

Namdev went to the western gate of sant namdev information in temple and spent the night in doing Kirtan Hindu devotional songs.

A memorial in Ghuman, Punjab commemorates him. Though in his devotional approach, he is clearly a monotheist, he makes many pantheistic statements too, e.

Renowned as a devotee of Sri Purandara Vitthala of Pandharpur, Namdev accompanied the great saint Jnanadev on a five year pilgrimage to all the holy places in India. Of thousands of Abhang poems credited to Namdev, – are probably authentic. Namdev could not find any direction or spot where he could place the feet of Visoba without treading on the Deity. He also wrote some hymns in Hindi and Punjabi. He continued to propagate sant namdev information in Bhagawad-Dharma for 50 years after the death of Saint Dnyaneshwar.

Next Names of God in Sant namdev information in. Radha Bai was a worldly-minded woman. This was the most important period in the life of Namdev. This went on for a few days till Dama Seth returned. The Adi Granth of Sikhism includes a compilation of 61 songs of Namdev. Namdev hesitated because he thought that such action might alienate his loyalty and devotion to Vithoba.

Sant Namdev

Immediately, all the others in the company began to laugh saying that Namdev was only half-baked and had not become fixed in his spiritual position.

His paduka footprints are among those of revered sants that Varkari communities from various parts of Maharashtra carry with a palkhi palanquin to the Vithoba temple in Pandharpur, every year in modern times. Sant namdev information in the bhakti poets…. The year was a turning point in his life at the age of twenty-one when he met Saint Dnyaneshwar.

He then moved Visoba in still another direction, but the Deity was there too! He did not believe in a world strictly governed by karma. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Pandharpur, where the prominent temple of Lord Vitthal also called Vithoba is located.

He asked Namdev to do so in his absence. He took shelter in a temple in order to take some rest. Scholars find these biographies to be inconsistent sant namdev information in contradictory.

He is also venerated in Sikhismas well as Hindu warrior-ascetic traditions such as the Dadupanthis and the Niranjani Sampraday that emerged in north India during the Islamic rule. After some time his father died as a result of which the entire responsibility of the family fell on his shoulders. His mother and wife wanted that Namdev should take on to some business but Sant namdev information in had already entered the arena of bhakti with all his sabt.

When he saw that his request was not being nandev, he told Vithoba that he would kill himself if Vithoba sant namdev information in to ignore the offerings.

Sant Namdev – Part i

Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Ghoman is associated with Baba Namdeo — He says, “The strength of contempt of the world should be in the body an unchanging companion. Namdev was married to Rajai and had a son, Vitha, both of whom wrote about him, as did his mother, Gonai.

These are exceedingly sant namdev information in. He asked Namdev to rouse a butchered cow to life sant namdev information in embrace Islam. There was extreme poverty in the house of Namdev. He preferred to be a stepping stone at the temple in Pandharpur so that he would be forever blessed by the touch of innumerable saints and devotees stepping on him into the temple.

Sant Namdev – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

At the age of two, when he began to talk, the first correct word he uttered was “Vittala” a manifestation of Krishnaand he continued with the repetition of that sacred name sant namdev information in, without any help or instruction from others. Full Moon in Sagittarius brings a massive shift, good news for every Zodiac Sign.

Message of Unity for all One should lay aside differences between oneself and others, and feel no anxiety for things of the world.