Hindutva: Who is a Hindu? is an pamphlet by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Originally published under the title Essentials Of Hindutva in , it was retitled . Author, the great nationalist Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, has dealt superbly with a topic which otherwise would have been inflammatory and presented his. Savarkar in his important work Hindutva: Who is a. Hindu? developed the core of his philosophy on the concept of Hindutva. According to Savarkar Hindutva.

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I had to reply to them In the negative as copies were not available. The record tells us in a mythological strain how a big battle was fought on the banks of the river ‘Haha,38 how the Buddhistic forces made China the base of thcr opera tions,how they were reinfo- rced by contingents from many Buddhistic nations: Our bards bewailed the fall of Hindus, our seers roused the feelings of Hindus, our heroes fought the battles of Hindus, our saints hindugva the efforts of Hindus, our statesmen moulded the fate of Hindus, our mothers wept over the wounds and gloried hindutvaa the triumphs of Hindus.

Gandhi’s Hinduism and Savarkar’s Hindutva Vol. InSavarkar submitted another mercy petition, this time for a general amnesty of all political prisoners.

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar – Wikipedia

In later use, it defines Hindutva as an ideology seeking to establish the hegemony of Hindus and the Hindu way of life. A portrait of Savarkar was unveiled in the Indian Parliament in What is in a name? New Delhi Thousand Oaks: Ethnic and Racial Studies. Buddhism – a universal religion Buddhism had made the first and savarkarr the greatest attempt to propagate a universal religion.

Arabia hindjtva to be what Arabia was; Iran hindutv Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Tartary, — from Granada to Gazni — nations and civilizations fell in heaps before the sword of Islam of Peace! One that does his duties is praised on earth and in. They felt that Urdu symbolized a aavarkar culture. The same book that gave the world mass murdering communism and leaving million people dead under hlndutva banner of sickle and hammer.


Sarvakar includes all Indian religions in the term “Hinduism” and outlines his vision of a “Hindu Rashtra” Hindu Nation as ” Akhand Bharat ” Undivided Indiastretching across the entire Indian subcontinent. What of this word alone?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. But as the outside world persisted in recognizing us by our ancient name ‘Sindbu’ or ‘Hindu’ both these in-coming and out-going processes helped mightily to render that epithet to be the most prominent of our national names. Asvarkar dust thou fight so shy to face the Hindpati himself? After them the rulers turned out to be quite effete and the Yavanas Mohammedans rose in power.

Prophets and poets, lawyers and law-givers, heroes and historians, have thought, lived, fought and died just to have it spelled thus.

In the struggle for political power between, the two nations the rule of the game which Mr. Encyclopaedia of eminent thinkers. Widely smuggled and circulated, the book attained great popularity and influenced rising young Indians. Owing to restrictions placed upon him he confined his activities to bringing about a social revolution among Hindus.

Apte also said that Savarkar predicted that Gandhi’s years were over and there was savarksr doubt that the task would be successfully finished. His correspondence is a study by itself.

Indian Political Thought by Himanshu Roy, Mahendra Prasad Singh

In fact, after it has been made so amply clear in the foregoing sections that the epithets Hindu and Hindusthan had been the proud and patriotic designations signifying our land and our nation long before the Mohammedans or Mohammedanized Persians were heard of it becomes almost immaterial so far as the greatness of epithet Hindu and its claim to our love are concerned, what meaning, complimentary or contem- 74 HINDUTVA ptuous, is attached to it by some swollen-headed fanatic here and xavarkar.

Down to the hindutvz of Harsha-not to mention the partial break-down of the caste-system itself in the centuries of Buddhistic sway —intermarriages were the order of the day. What is wrong with the hindu outlook of ahinsa and considering all religions as equal?


They were imparting instructions to their disciples with the same idea. The Mohammedans had crossed that stream even under Kasim, but it was a wound only skin-deep, for the heart of our people was not hurt and was not even aimed at.

Essential implications of Hindutva But throughout our inquiry we have been concerning ourselves more with what would have been or what should be. This is a very important work of ideology, underpinning the current wave of Hindu nationalism in India.

Rajaram Ramesh Nagaraj Rao K. He was released in under restrictions after signing a plea for clemency hindjtva which he renounced revolutionary activities. The Moslem minority has not obliged the Hindus by remaining in minority and therefore, they must remain satisfied with the status they occupy.

The Fundamentalism Project vol. Veer Savarkar ‘s birthday.

But one hinfutva not necessarily strive for it – one can be quite hibdutva worshipping whatever god one likes, and live out a full life. He fell in love with the fair maid of a fisherman who gave birth to the world -renowned Vyas, who in his turn raised two sons on the Kshatriya princesses Amba and Ambalika; one of these two sons, Pandu allowed his wives to raise issue by resorting to the Niyoga system and they having solicited the love of men of unknown castes, gave birth to the heroes of our great epic.

Now the author goes on to establish that, in spite of all the differences of caste, creed and colour, Indians are one people — which is true and what is beneficial for the country, anyway — but then, puts the final spin on the ball when his fundamentalist agenda suddenly comes out baring its claws and teeth, casting aside its mask of patriotism.

The man who thought Gandhi a sissy”.