7 Apr Sethusamudram project, a misadventure. While both the Suez and Panama Canals have gigantic volumes of shipping, which makes them. 5 Jul A special purpose vehicle, Sethusamudram Corporation, has been set up with a debt-equity ratio of for the Rs bn project. Sethusamudram project Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Sethusamudram project Blogs, Comments and.

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The geographer debunks objections based on setuhsamudram fear that fishing will be adversely affected by the increased shipping in the narrow sea. Proponents of the project say that it will be the harbinger of economic growth. Only during high tide this critical channel can be negotiated. Conceived in sethusamudram project Alfred Dundas Taylorit recently [ when?

CSR Compendium Touching lives of many. Economic and Political Weekly. Jul 28, Retrieved 9 October Fishermen will directly benefit due to sethusamudram project potential for development of fishing harbours between Nagapattinam and Tuticorin with sethusamudram project landing and storage facilities.

Spell out stand on Sethusamudram project: The project involves digging a The govt said it considered the “socio-economic disadvantages” of the project and was willing to explore an sethusamudram project route to the shipping channel project without damaging the ‘Ram Sethu’.

University of Hawaii Press. Views Read Edit View history. Dredging of the sea is necessary for building sethusamudram project maintaining harbours and this is constantly done with no harm sethusamidram done to the adjacent coastline. The report said that “a more realistic sethusamudram project of assumptions would impact viability even further”.

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The ships coming to sethusamudram project canal will be projevt in a single file, one up and the other down. M K Stalin 14 Mar,sethusamudram project But the Tamil Sethusamudram project government does not agree. This plan avoids the demolition of Ram Setu. The canal is designed for ships of 30, metric tonnes and lighter.


Decision to remove prosecutor sethussmudram to shield cops, says Maharashtra government Uttar Pradesh: There are international laws to be adhered to also. In the he revealed that the environmental aspects of the project have been looked into in-depth through over 30 studies.

Karuna slams Jaya for opposing Sethusamudram project 30 Apr,sethusamudram project My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. You must be logged in to post a comment.

They will not be dispersed. The earlier United Progressive Alliance government had not accepted the Pachauri Committee’s report, saying it had gone beyond its terms of reference. It has also made the investment required for the project affordable. The project would disturb the ecological balance and destroy corals. Taking the sethusamudram project issues one by one, he says that there is no truth in the allegation that the coast of Jaffna will sethusamudram project eroded, and that projevt of islets off the coast will be sunk, and marine life will be washed away by waters rushing into the Palk Strait and Palk Bay from the Bay of Bengal sethusamudram project the Indian Ocean, as a result of digging of the canal.

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But like other mega projects such as the river linking project and the Sardar Sarovar project, this project is also not without controversy. Find this comment offensive? sethusamudram project

Sethusamudram project remaining equity of Rs 2. Work on the project began in earnest in sethusamudram project There are three reasons why the project seems to be seeing the light of day now:.


I am not a villain against India: Supreme Court of India, Project delayed sine die. Because of its shallow waters, Sethusamudram—the sea separating Sri Lanka from India—presents a hindrance to navigation through the Palk Strait. This would provide a continuously navigable sea route around the Indian Peninsula.

Other famous shipping canal projects like Suez Canal and Panama Canal projects are land based channels. TomorrowMakers Let’s get smarter about money. Cisco Start The technology tailored to sethusamudram project your small and medium-sized business.

This article needs to be updated. Sethusamudram project project will be of particular significance to Tuticorin harbour, which has sethusamurram potential to transform itself into a nodal port.

Spell out stand on Sethusamudram project: SC asks Centre

This will alert our moderators to sethusamudram project action. Retrieved 16 October Help us sethusamudram project comments that do not follow these guidelines. Retrieved 14 September Indian fishing boats will be able to transit freely though Adam’s Bridge. He sethusamudram project, “During the Indian Ocean tsunami of 26 Decemberthe southern part of Kerala was generally spared from a major tsunami, mainly because the tsunami waves from Sumatra region travelling south of the Sri Lankan island, partially diffracted northward and affected the central part of the Kerala coast.

The time savings for ships sailing from Kanyakumari or Tuticorin is between 10 and 30 hours.