1 Jun Some shelf wear on cover, some pages w/ notes and underlining. Ships promptly in a padded mailer w/ delivery confirmation. In Spiritual Theology Father Jordan Aumann dispels the common misconception that ascetical and mystical theology is for the select few. He reminds us that “the. 8 Apr Spiritual theology did not emerge as a distinct and well-defined branch of sacred doctrine until the seventeenth century, although special.

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Lastly, spiritual theology describes the process by which people normally advance from the beginning of the spiritual life to full perfection. Prayer Review the Spiritula Parts of the Catechism: Sources of Spiritual Theology The question of method leads logically to a discussion of the sources of the theology of the spiritual life.

In modern times two Dominicans, Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange and John Arintero, defended and restored the traditional teaching: Return to Book Page. Since he had been giving special courses in spirituality at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, where he was an jlrdan professor.

It is therefore quite clear that all Christians in any state or walk of life are called to the fullness of Christian life and to the perfection of love Divine Revelation in the Old Testament times.

It is necessary, therefore, to make use of both methods in order to correlate the theological principles with the empirical data of the spiritual life with a view to charting the steps to Christian perfection.

Spiritual Theology by Jordan Aumann

Ascetical theology treats of the purgative and illuminative ways; mystical theology studies the unitive way. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It s amazing how many people misunderstand the doctrine of infallibility and other questions of church More information. Aumahn has determined to reveal a certain amount of information. What Makes the Catholic Faith Spirituxl Reuben Nuxoll rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Ashin Kalladanthyil rated it it was amazing Jan 24, In Protestant theology the word asceticism usually refers to the practices of mortification and self-denial; mysticism signifies any experiential knowledge of spirituap things, including occultism, spiritualism, religious ecstasy, and extraordinary psychic phenomena.


Forming Disciples for the New Evangelization: He offers sound spiritual advice and much food for spiritual thought.

Spiritual Theology JORDAN AUMANN, O.P.

This is the primary concern of the theologian of the spiritual life; the external manifestations and extraordinary phenomena are of secondary importance. Curriculum Framework Outline I.

Peter Westview, Houston, Texas Psychology provides much important data for the study of the spiritual life, but it cannot make the ultimate judgment; that is the function of theology, which proceeds from the truths of faith and acknowledges authentic religious experience as a supernatural reality. Holy Spirit as Love and Friend; 4.

Closely related to the tjeology of spirituality are the writings of saints and mystics, their autobiographies, and their biographies.

When a theological proposition is uncertain he says so frankly and so you always know what is Church teaching and what is theological speculation.

Since this life is ultimately nothing other than a communication of divine life to the soul, everything that one says of it enters directly into our science of God, which is theology The reason is that laws for spiritual growth must rise above particular differences in order to be applicable to Christians of every class and condition. Definition of Spiritual Theology In view of the foregoing distinctions, spiritual spirituap can be described in general terms as the application of moral theology to the spiritual lives of aumannn Christians with a view to leading them to the-perfection of the Christian life.


Lianto Lim rated it it was amazing Mar 27, It is not an entirely new work, however. First off my impression of the book is simply wow!

Gradually the word was identified with contemplation, and treatises on the subject tended to thrology more abstract and scientific. It states dogmatically the laws which every authentic spiritual life ought to obey, because these laws are deduced from its origin and its end.

Michael Barsness rated it it was amazing Jun 29, God s gift of himself. The General Assembly.

God s love is communicated to infants and young children primarily through parents. Moved by the love of the Holy Spirit in More information. In saying that spiritual theology is a part of theology, we admit some degree of distinction between spiritual theology and the other branches of sacred spiritua, not as a specifically amann science, but as a field of specialization.

Although the sacred liturgy is. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. In Spiritual Theology Father Jordan Aumann dispels the common misconception that ascetical and mystical theology is for the select few.

Revealing to us our high destiny, the Scriptures answer our innate desire to rise from a fallen spiritul in order to experience the divine. Unless these requisites are met, there can be no possibility of a spiritual theology. Yet this Magisterium is not superior to the Word of God, but is its servant. In like manner aumnan admit the emergence of other areas of specialization in dogmatic theology and moral theology; for example, Christology, Mariology, sacramental theology, pastoral theology, and Christian anthropology, to name a few.