SSPC-SP3 Power Tool Cleaning. Removes all loose mill scale, loose rust, loose paint, and other loose detrimental foreign matter by power wire brushing, power. SSPC-SP3 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SSPC-SP 3. November 1, Editorial Changes September 1, SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings. SURFACE PREPARATION SPECIFICATION .

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SSPC-SP 3 Power Tool Cleaning

D describes the same process, but without mentioning the surface preparation standard. Here is a list and sspc sp3 summary of the surface preparation standards used in the hot-dip galvanizing industry with a brief summary of each. The power tools used sspc sp3 this standard include sanders, wire brushes or wheels, chipping hammers, rotating flaps, needle guns, hammer assemblies, and right angle grinders. D uses this standard for the preparation of a galvanized coating for powder coating.

SSPC Surface Preparation Standards

Power tool cleaning has less particulate contamination than other forms of cleaning, such as abrasive blasting. Leave me a comment in the box below. Feathering the edges of adhered paint surfaces is also required.

However, A uses sspc sp3 white metal blast as the sspc sp3 preparation standard for repairing a zinc coating using sprayed zinc.

D specifically calls out this standard with a condition that the water pressure be below psi. After a galvanized surface has been acceptably cleaned of oil, grease, and similar products, this brush blasting can be applied in order to create an acceptable profile. Always note that using these references should never be a substitute to following the SSPC-SP 3 power tool cleaning standards. Although this method is convenient, it cannot be used sspc sp3 remove adherent forms of any rust, mill scale, and loose paint.

The standard ssspc dry abrasive blasting as the preferred method with wet blasting an option to be agreed upon between sspc sp3 two parties.


D does not specifically call out this standard, but the procedure is very sspc sp3 to that of D It provides photograph references for seven conditions of the surface, four unpainted and three painted surfaces. A provided dspc of a brush-off blast cleaned surface describes a surface free of all visible oil, grease, dirt, dust, loose mill sdpc, loose rust, and loose coating when viewed without magnification.

Return dp3 Coating Inspection.

SSPC-SP 3 is power tool cleaning, which is a method of surface preparation on steel surfaces with the use of power assisted hand tools. Sspc sp3 occurring around after six months of weathering, sspc sp3 finely etched and roughened profile acceptable for paint covers the surface of the galvanized coating. ASTM A calls for a near-white metal blast cleaning when field conditions include so3.

SP 3, Power Tool Cleaning

The preparation of a hot-dip galvanized coating for paint or powder coating connects this standard to the galvanizing industry. These consensus reference photographs sspc sp3 supplementary and can be used in conjunction with SSPC surface preparation standards sspc sp3 better accomplish the process of SSPC-SP aspc power tool cleaning. Near-White Metal Blast Cleaning provides a greater degree of cleaning than commercial blast cleaning, but less than white metal blast cleaning.

This fact makes power-tool cleaning an acceptable method for surface preparation of a hot-dip galvanized sp after it sspc sp3 been cleaned. Sspc sp3 abrading tools also acceptably remove mill scale according to the standard.

Hand tool cleaning also acceptably cleans a hot-dip galvanized surface before surface profiling according to D Removing all weld slag and stratified rust with impact tools, using non-impact methods such as scraping to remove all non-adherent materials, and feathering an adherent paint coating, are all hand tool sspc sp3 methods accepted by this standard.

SSPC-SP5 provides conditions for the end condition of a white metal blast, and the materials and swpc sspc sp3 for providing the end condition. The use of such power tools allows for faster cleaning. Sspc sp3 1, Authored by Daniel Barlow.


Standardized subjects sspc sp3 requirements for paints, standards for evaluating the qualifications of contractors, surface preparation standards, and sspc sp3 topics. Through the use sspc sp3 impact or abrasion from these power tools, non-adhesive particles are removed in a faster and less expensive manner than some other cleaning methods.

Note that as supplements, every project will have its conditions that need to be met. The specification lists several different ways in which solvent cleaner may be applied to the surface including wiping or scrubbing the surface with solvent, spraying solvent directly onto the surface, vapor degreasing, immersion, alkaline cleaners, and steam cleaning.

I understand that you will use szpc information to send me a newsletter. Therefore, it is best not to apply the same consensus reference photographs and the SSPC dspc preparation standards for all projects because they will all vary based on the steel conditions and cleaning sspc sp3.

The degree of power tool cleaning required of SSPC-SP 3 is based on the sspc sp3 of sspc sp3 surface and also the new painting system.

A hot dip-galvanized coating is said to be fully weathered when the exposed ap3 consists mainly of water-insoluble zinc carbonates, some zinc oxides, and rarely, zinc hydroxides. Comments Have your say about what you just read! Consensus reference photographs are photographic aids that can assist in establishing the sspc sp3 appearance of the sspc sp3 after SSPC-SP 3 power tool cleaning is performed.

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