This app didn’t satisfy my basic need thought of lots of videos about the god, disappointed. I gave 4 star only for Lord Muruga photo. ashu Listen Subramanya Ashtakam mp3 songs Its Free FreeKartikeya, also known as Skanda, Kumaran,Subramanya, Murugan, Karuna and Subramaniyan is the. Download Subramanya Ashtakam apk and all version history for Android. Listen Subramanya Ashtakam mp3 songs Its Free Free.

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Devaadhi deva rathamandala maddhyametya. Keyura kundala subramanya ashtakam kavachaabhiraama. The twice subramanya ashtakam who reads this octet on Subrahmanya, Would attain salvation by the grace of Lord Subrahmanya, And for him who reads this octet on Subrahmanya, as soon as, He gets up in the morning, the sins committed in billons, Of previous births will vanish in a second.

Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli, Who is the son of God of gods, who is the subramanya ashtakam of all gods, Whose soft lotus like feet is worshipped by Devendra, And whose fame is sung by deva sage Narada and others.

Panchaksharadhi manu manthritha Ganga thoyai, Panchamruthai praudhithendra mukhair muneendryai, Pattabhishiktha maghavatha nayasa nadha, Subramanya ashtakam nadha mama dehi karavalambham. Subramanya ashtakam midham praatha ruththaaya yah: Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli, Who gives food daily in charity, wubramanya cures all prevalent diseases, Who bestows luck, which fulfills all wishes of devotees, And whose real form is the pranava given in Vedas. Archanai with your name would be more beneficial as well.

Lord Subramanya Ashtakam – Mobile App Store, SDK, Rankings, and Ad Data | MightySignal

Bagya pradhaana paripooritha bakthakaama. In Vedic astrology Mars is ruled by Lord Muruga. Extend a hand subramanya ashtakam support, Oh Lord of Valli, Who is the god o gods, Who rides the central Chariot among a group of chariots, Who prevents problems for Devendra, Who can send arrows very fast, And ashtalam by killing Sura became, The object of adulation of billions of devas.


Hey Swaminatha karunakara deena bandho, Sree Paravatheesa mukha pankaja padma subramanya ashtakam, Sreesadhi deva gana poojitha pada padma, Valleesa nadha mama dehi karavalambham.

Hey swaaminaatha karunaakara deena bandho. Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli, Who subramanya ashtakam known as Karthikeya, who with his, Fully nectar like looks of mercy cures, Passion, diseases and mind which has made been dirty Who is the treasure house of subramanya ashtakam and Who shines like billions of suns. Devendhra peetanagaram drutha chaapahasta.

Shooram nihatya sura koti nireetyamaana. Kaamaadhiroga kalusheekrutha dushta chittham. Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli, Asytakam is the chief of gods, who is merciful, Zshtakam is friend of the oppressed, Who is the son of the lotus faced lord of goddess Parvathi, And whose lotus feet is worshipped By all gods and also by Lord of Goddess Lakshmi.

Vallee sanaatha mama dehi karaavalambam. Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli, Who was crowned as their leader by Subramanya ashtakam, With the chanting of subramanya ashtakam holy five letters, With the bathing of the holy water of Ganga, Subramanya ashtakam strengthening it further by holy chants, And who was anointed with the five holy nectars, By very learned subramanya ashtakam ashtzkam sages. Subrahmanyashtakam punyam yeh padanthi dwijothama, They sarve mukthimayanthi Subrahmanya prasadatha, Subrahmanyashtakam idham prathar uthaya ya padeth, Kodi janma krutham papam thath subramanya ashtakam thasya nasyathi.

Subramanya Ashtakam APK

When completing your prayers in the 9th week, offering red cloths to significant for blessing of the Lords and completeness of your prayers with thanking and seek for forgiveness and blessing for subramanya ashtakam and your family. Newer Subramanya ashtakam Older Post Subramanya ashtakam. Sreeshaadi deva gana poojitha paada padma.

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Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli, Who subramanya ashtakam crowns and chains with diamonds and gems, Who wears armlet, ear rings and strong armour, And who is the valorous one who killed Tharaka, And was saluted by the groups of devas. He is revered as an infant, as a child Balasubramanianas a handsome and romantic prince Valli Manavaalan – Azhagan Muruganas an invincible warrior and ruler.

Sri Subramanya Ashtakam

Shruthyaagama pranava vaachya nija swaroopa. Devadhi deva radha mandala Madhya methya, Devendra peeda nagaram druda chapa hastha, Sooram nihathya sura kotibhiradyamana, Valleesa nadha mama dehi karavalambham. Devarshi naaradha muneendra sugeedha keerthae. Lord Murugan is regarded as the supreme commander subramanya ashtakam the Gods and the destroyer of evil forces.

He is also regarded as the epitome of knowledge. Prayers being vegetarian for whole day, lighting ghee lamp with offering red flowers and milk in temple would be fruitful. Pattaabhi shiktha subramanya ashtakam yuktha varaa sanaatha. Devendra vandhya mrudhupankaja manjupaadha.

Devaadi devasutha devaganaadhi naatha. Panchaaksharaadhi manu manthritha gaanga thoyai: Krauncha surendra parikantana shakthi shula. Posted by tv subha at 7: Subramanyashtaka punyathi ye patanthi dwijhoththamaathiya: They subramanya ashtakam mukthimaayaanthi subramanya prasaadhatha: He veera subramanya ashtakam jayaamara brundha vandhya.

Haaradhi subramanya ashtakam mani yuktha kireeta haara. Extend a hand of support, Oh Lord of Valli, Who is the Lord of mountains, who holds, Shakthi, Soola, bow and arrows in his holy hands, Who wears ear rings and who rides the fast moving peacock.

Devadhi deva sutha, deva ganadhi nadha, Devendra subramanya ashtakam mrudu pankaja subrzmanya pada, Devarshi narada muneendra sugeetha keerthe, Valleesa nadha mama dehi karavalambham.

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