5 Nov The book seems like an accurately written chronological account of the growth of Reliance Industries. The truth behind the success of a common man to build. The Polyester Prince: Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani. Whoa!! What a book!! Jam packed with facts, revelations, corporate drama, political dance, underworld deals. Dhirubhai and Kokilaben Ambani invited us to the wedding of their son Anil to . fine cotton textiles, it seemed that people couldn’t get enough polyester. .. and perhaps to a wider audience watching the explosive growth of capitalism across.

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There were hawkers in Mumbai who peddled the book as being the source material for the film. Read it if you want to know how to deal with numbers Moorjani, who died in Decemberheaded the All-India Crimpers Association from to and had been xmbani to the savage face-off over polyester control between Dhirubhai and Nusli Wadia, the Parsi businessman who owned Bombay Dyeing, a textiles prunce from the Wadia Group. Jun 04, Faraz rated it really liked it. Singh had overseen a gradual relaxation of the Licence Raj and launched a drive against tax evaders.

Accusations were levelled by rival bidders insisting that tenders were being rigged in favour of Reliance Industries. Some in senior positions would get regular monthly payments or issues of Reliance shares and debentures at par. No wonder the people especially stock traders of Gujarat had held him in high regard. If any one is interested in reading this bookI can mail the same The history of Indian business writing might have remained so had it not been for a no-nonsense reporter for the Hong Kong- based news magazine Far Eastern Economic Review FEERwho was posted in India towards the fag end of I don’t think that there is a better way to fully polyesyer the breathtaking rise of Ambani, how fully he permeated the Indian government and bureaucracy or his masterful handling of capital and markets, a Dhirubhai Ambani said that he builds a golden fountain over all his misdeeds and nobody will ever know what’s underneath.


The Polyester Prince

First of all, the law should be changed” And Dhirubhai Amabani indeed did it. Is India Different From Pakistan?

I am happily surprised to know about ambani’s involvement in independence struggle. A yhe once invoked is therefore rarely revoked. Finally got to read this book about the rise of Dhirubhai Ambani.

Just an amazing read that to open the mind and a way to look What an amazing book or precisely to be called as research work by Hamish Macdonalds,a complete compendium to indian market,politics and how things happen in real and are portrayed in media. Those who managed to get industrial licences also managed to see to it that others did not. One must be in Complete shock on learning all that was done but also one cannot help but be in awe of the sheer audacity of the scale of it all.

I also found that the book digresses sometimes to unrelated politics and becomes very slow This is almost a thriller novel with government, corporations, detectives and all dirty things money could do.

Towards the end ofduring a chance meeting with HarperCollins editor Renuka Chatterjee at the Frankfurt Book Fair, McDonald came to know of the reason for pulping the book. Play Store and App Store. Whatever said and doneAmbani is considered the King of the equity cult in India and the author endorses that fact!

The Polyester Prince: Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani – Guruprasad’s Portal

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Six magazines, wherever you go! Sep 06, Shagun Gupta rated it really liked it. Sometime inMoorjani was attacked by a knife-wielding gang as he was leaving his Kalbadevi office, and princce almost lost an arm.

Full marks for bravery and effort.

One who accepted Reliance debentures for himself, and help in arranging bank finance to pay for them, was Girilal Jain, editor of the Times of India for much of the s. News paper used to be a big weapon in those times.


People would go to collect on first of the month. Mar 24, Chandrashekar rated it liked it Shelves: The Indian edition ran into trouble. As a raw material, this was crucial for manufacturing polyester lament yarn.

Some interviewees requested anonymity due to their personal and professional relationship with the Ambani family or to his political influence.

Dhitubhai ambitions were racing even further. Summary of the Book Dhirubhai Ambani’s journey from a modest business with spices to becoming a household name is the story of how a capitalist rose amidst all the turmoil in post-independence India. His door was open 24 hours a day for journalists. The detailed chronicle was at long last published in earlyand titled The Polyester Prince: Dynasty rule is taking Indian toll. It will take you on the journey of Dhirubhai Ambani’s struggle, competence, hard-work, excellent management skills and forward thinking.

Then on, till Julythe two brothers fought a bitter, no-holds barred battle in the public. Book withdrawn because of defamation charges. The pre-emptive strike did not work. It is crammed with news stories, facts mixed with flights of fantasy to the brim, with hardly any attention to narrative style.


The reporter was Hamish McDonald, an Australian who had written an un flattering account of Indonesian strongman Suharto ten years earlier. Hamish extensive research of India’s corporate world of s and 90s shows how an Industrialist read Dhirubhai Ambani took advantage of the tedious and corrupt bureaucratic set up rather than crying over orince.

The Polyester Prince: The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani

McDonald recalled being gravely disappointed at the time. The poor remains poor and middle class will always struggle. But one has to have a large bowl of salt rady, while reading this.