From exploring the basic principles of entomology to starting a collection, The Practical Entomologist is the perfect introduction to the world of insects. Beginning. The practical entomologist. User Review – Not Available – Book Verdict. For beginners who wish to be serious hobbyists, these two latest entries in Fireside’s . 7 Mar Buy a cheap copy of The Practical Entomologist book by Rick Imes. From exploring the basic principles of entomology to starting a collection.

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Rick Imes is quite the character, and bugs are kind of cool. It takes an order-by-order look Sep 14, Seth Knight rated it it was amazing. It takes an order-by-order look at insects, explaining how each group differs from another and why certain types of insects have been classified together. When threatened, they may roll into a tight ball or a spiral to protect their more vulnerable undersides.

So I have decided to try and collect some specimens for the cabinet.

Practical Entomologist by Rick Imes

Horseshoe crabs have six pairs of jointed appendages on the cephalothorax. Each of the 9 to or more abdominal segments sports two pairs of legs, this being the chief difference between millipedes and centipedes. In some species, the first pair of legs are equipped with large pincers modified for grasping offensively or defensively. Richard Couse rated it liked it Nov 24, The book shows you not only what to look for but how and where to look for it — from capturing and keeping live insects to ways of making a collection and taking photographs.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Lobsters, fairy shrimp, and barnacles are well-known marine crustaceans; sowbugs, those small armored creatures one finds under rocks or in soil, are among the few terrestrial crustaceans.


Often, any small creature with more than four legs is indiscriminately labeled a “bug,” but true bugs represent only one of many different groups of insects.

The head bears a pair of long antennae, a pair of mandibles for chewing, and two pairs of maxillae for handling food.

It takes an order-by-order look at insects, explaining how each group differs from another and why certain types of insects have been classified together. Rjck It was proposed in the foreword that insects could be considered the dominant form of life on earth, Insects have discovered the basic premise that there is strength in numbers. Its weight limits the maximum size that any arthropod may attain, so none becomes very big and the largest are invariably aquatic, where buoyancy helps offset the greater burden.

Most arthropods molt from four to seven times throughout their life.

Practical Entomologist

Kayla rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Their number of paired dick is variable, but they have at most only one pair per body segment. Arachnids have four pairs of jointed legs, all attached to the cephalothorax, although some, like scorpions, possess a pair of large pedipalpi, appendages armed ric, formidable pincers that may resemble legs but are actually modified mouthparts.

Like crustaceans, the body of an arachnid is divided into a cephalothorax and an abdomen. Those arthropods that rely upon a very hard exoskeleton for defense are particularly vulnerable at this time and often hide until their growth period is over and their armor has again hardened. It was once thought that the amount of chitin present determined the rigidity of the exoskeleton, but more recent research showed that its hardness is proportional to the protein content of the outer layer, or cuticle, and that more chitin is found practiacl the soft inner cuticle.

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Hintermeister rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Return to Book Page. Apr practiacl, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: They have hhe dorsal abdominal shield edged with short spines, and a bayonetlike tail that, despite its formidable appearance, functions mainly to turn the beast over after it has been flipped upside-down by the surf, lest it remain stranded out of water or succumb to ravenous gulls.

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Trivia About Practical Entomol We still use it even after our son is grown and no longer really interested in bugs. Be the first to ask a question about Practical Entomologist. Innate rated it really liked it Dec 29, Preview — Practical Entomologist by Rick Imes.

The barnacles that tend to encrust any marine surface and the water fleas commonly used in high school biology lab experiments are two such oddballs. Tips on keeping a field notebook are also included.

There are two prominent compound entojologist, located atop the carapace, as well as two inconspicuous simple eyes.

Crystal Stock rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Wings, when present, are a sure indicator that an arthropod belongs to the insect class. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Want to Read practicak. Crustaceans Named for the Latin term crusta, meaning “hard entomoologist nearly all crustaceans are aquatic, and most live in marine environments, although a few of the most familiar, such as crayfish and water fleas, inhabit freshwater, while others, such as certain species of crab, are to be found in brackish water.

Sep 10, Kipahni rated it really liked it Shelves: