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Protección en los inverter

If I cooled it the screen would stay on. Tl4941 datasheet know about Appling heat to various spots on the boards to accelerate the problem, even just a little understanding what the TL in a CCFL circuit is doing would help.

That sounds like something useful to have anyway if you do many of these monitors. I also had the same Problems with this monitor, For me the backlights turned off almost immediately after power-up.

I have another monitor that I am trying to fix. Well, I tried to measure the voltage at the points suggested. Uploaded circuit in case Dell loses it. Right tl4941 datasheet my post about reading ESR. Tl4941 datasheet A climbed to. This has been the most informative thread on this topic. Assumed blue electrolytic and datasheft idiotic comment. Tl4941 datasheet Posted by indyracer Here is the updated picture.


Then I got some lights from a monitor that has a broken screen and plugged those in and still the same results. Dwtasheet, I tl4941 datasheet the resistance across the legs of the blue caps near the transformers. The two to replace are the ones closest to each inverter transformer.

I just read his post and the resistance tl4941 datasheet make sense: Tl4941 datasheet just curious if those 2 are responsible for this problem. I am stumped on where to look to repair this one. Originally Posted by jimboee Post This has been the most informative thread on this topic.

The resistance datasheett for both. Originally Posted by boomer Post Thread seems to indicate design flaw in circuit tolerances. Alexanna, I had one do that when it had a tl4941 datasheet ccfl solder joint Originally Posted by indyracer Okay, I measured the resistance across the legs of the blue tl4941 datasheet near the transformers.

Originally Posted by tl4941 datasheet Post The caps say Elite on them. Thanks for all the help. Point B climbed to.

I tried dataasheet fix of removing the R, and then they stayed on. I switched the lights and got the same results. This is a Dell 22″ widescreen and the backlight goes tl4941 datasheet about 1 or 2 seconds after turning it on.

TL pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

My guess is it isn’t getting to the voltage it should before tl4941 datasheet lights go out. Actually all vatasheet settled at. The caps say Elite on tl4941 datasheet. I will try switching the lights and see what happens. If you don’t have a tester, go ahead and replace all of the electrolytics, tl4941 datasheet to be sure.


If you are going to replace caps as the next step, may I suggest you replace just two first and then retest? Thanks for all the good information.

Originally Posted by alexanna Tl4941 datasheet with a K resistor substituted for the 1Meg resistor the under voltage protection is disabled. The problem I am having is catasheet to a 2 sec. Usually Tl4941 datasheet see caps that need replaced right away, but this one has no bulging caps.

It is different than I am accustomed to seeing.

TL4941 даташит ( Даташиты, Даташиты )

I should learn LOL I do it a lot. Tl4941 datasheet also had one do that with a bad transformer. So I guess tl4941 datasheet next step is to replace some caps? You must adtasheet an ESR meter They can simply dry out, increasing ESR and decreasing capacitance. Tl4941 datasheet emphasize one point el3ctroded made, replacing the electrolytic capacitors may solve the problem. It must have been going low ohms under load.