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Addicted parents guide

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Edit After passionately kissing in a club bathroom the man pulls down his trousers and his butt is seen, he then pulls down the woman's top and is seen kissing her bare breasts.

Sex & Nudity (14) · Severe · Severe sexual content-language, nudity and sexual situations · Many fake and implied sexual acts shown, a fair bit of dialog, but very​. The man comes close to the woman who unzips parehts trousers.

A few on-camera sex scenes. A lot of conversation around sex. The man is seen thrusting into the woman against a wall. Parents need to know that Addicted is a steamy drama based on the novel by best-selling erotica author Zane.

The main character is a sex. Edit A woman is seen posing nude for a guise who is paintingthe woman's breasts are covered by her arm.

Please try again later. Viewers see needles inserted into arms. Parents need to know that this show is extremely raw, and shows addicts getting drunk and high in close-up detail.

The man is then shown thrusting on top of the addicred. Character sends photo of genitals to man nudity not shown Nudity - only implied e.

Features a short robbery scene of an adult store, dildos featured throughout film. Occasional mention of rape.

Deals with a character with a sex addiction, so sexual themes are consistent throughout the film. Condoms present at various times including opening montage.