800-424-4952 (2024)

1. National Imaging Associates, Inc. (NIA) Authorization ... - Fidelis Care

  • Aug 5, 2019 · www.RadMD.com* or by calling NIA at 1-800-424-4952*. • To get started, go to www.RadMD.com click the New User button and submit a RadMD ...

  • Fidelis Care has engaged National Imaging Associates, Inc., a Magellan Healthcare Company, to implement a new prior authorization program to manage outpatient (office and hospital) habilitative and rehabilitative physical medicine services, including services rendered in the home, effective on October 1, 2019.

2. [PDF] National Imaging Associates, Inc. (NIA) Medical Specialty Solutions ...

  • ▫ 1-800-424-4952 (Medicaid, Essential, CHP, and. Qualified Health plans). ▫ 1-800-424-5390 (Medicare and Dual Advantage plans). What information is required.

3. National Imaging Associates, Inc. (NIA) Authorization ... - Fidelis Care

4. [PDF] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Fidelis Care Prior Authorization ...

  • The physical medicine provider may call 1-800-424-4952 (Medicaid, Essential, CHP, and. Qualified Health plans) or 1-800-424-5390 (Medicare and Dual. Advantage ...

5. 800-424-4952 | 18004244952 - Robocaller Warning! - Nomorobo

  • Listen; Transcript Hello? Hello? Hello, this is Nia calling on behalf of Fidelis care. This call is experiencing difficulties. Thank you and goodbye.

  • (800) 424-4952 is a Robocall. Click here to listen. Powered by Nomorobo.

6. National Imaging Associates (NIA) Implementation Announcement

  • WellCare Health Plans is pleased to announce that beginning October 1, 2021, we are expanding our partnership with National Imaging Associates, ...

  • August 27, 2021

7. 1-800-424-4952. Free Reverse Phone ... - Video help, tips, and techniques

  • Jun 18, 2024 · Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Phone Number Search | YouMail8887123240 1-800-424-4952. 2024 Trct-510 p*rn 2024 1-800-424-4952.

  • Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future.

8. [PDF] National Imaging Associates, Inc. (NIA) Frequently Asked Questions ...

  • This physical medicine solution is designed to promote evidence based, high quality as well as cost-effective outpatient rehabilitative and habilitative ...

800-424-4952 (2024)


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