OSRS Shooting Stars - Complete Guide (2024)

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XP Rates

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Finding Stars

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Star Mining Tips

Shooting Stars provide an AFK mining training method, with AFK intervals lasting up to 7 minutes.

XP Rates

To be able to mine a shooting star you need at least 10 mining (tier 1 star). It is recommended to have at least 41 mining for shooting stars so that you can mine with a Rune Pickaxe.

Mining Level






















  • At level 15 mining when you unlock iron. Iron is around 15-20k xp per hour at this level, assuming you are always using the best pickaxe you can. This is faster than shooting stars, but is an active training method and not afk.

  • At 99 mining, shooting stars give the player around 32,000 xp/hr of complete AFK mining xp. Down below is a chart of the XP rates you can expect to get from various training methods at 99 mining.

Training Method Comparison

Training Method

How AFK?

XP/HR at 99

Shooting Stars

AFK- Depending on how many people are on the star, players only have to click once every 5-25 minutes


Calcified Rocks

AFK- AFK times range from 40 seconds - 1 minute before the player has to click again


Motherlode Mine(Top Floor)

AFK- AFK times range from 40 seconds - 1 minute before the player has to click again


Amethyst Rocks

AFK- AFK times depend on how lucky you are mining the rock but tend to be anywhere from 30 seconds - 1 minute 30 seconds

~20,000 - 25,000

Volcanic Mine

Semi-AFK- Players can AFK on the rock whenever they are mining it for about 30 seconds - 1 minute at a time, however players must pay attention to their HP, prayer and their roles whilst doing the minigame. Requires a team, optimally between 3-5 players.

~84,000 - 94,000

Blast Mining

Non-AFK- This method requires constant inputs from the player, however is not as difficult as some of the 3-tick methods listed below

~70,000 - 75,000

Gem Mining (Non 3-tick)

Non-AFK- Players will constantly have to move between rock to rock in order to mine them. This is a decent source of profit and good source of crafting gems for ironmen.


Gem Mining (3-tick)

Non-AFK- Players will constantly have to move between rock to rock in order to mine them. This is a decent source of profit and good source of crafting gems for ironmen. This method can be tricky to learn and get into at first, however is faster than the non 3-tick method.


Granite (Non 3-tick)

Non-AFK- A bit less click intensive than the 3-tick method below, however still requires the player to put in constant inputs.

~60,000 - 65,000

Granite (3-tick)

Non-AFK- This is currently the fastest mining method in the game. It requires a lot of high intensity clicking and gives you basically no room to breathe. Can also provide a passive 7,000-10,000 smithing xp/hr if the player is using an infernal pickaxe.


Gear & Inventory Setup

Gear Setup

- Dragon pickaxe (if you do not own one, bring whatever your best pickaxe is)- Prospector outfit (provides a 2.5% mining xp bonus with the whole set)

- Celestial signet (provides an invisible +4 mining boost. Can also use celestial ring)- Amulet of glory (provides teleports and also a higher chance to get gems from the star)- Book of the dead (provides various teleports around Zeah)- Karamja gloves 3/4 (provides a teleport to Shilo village)

- Can also use Brimhaven house teleports and use the cart to travel to Shilo

- Ardougne Cape (provides a fast teleport to the star spawn near the Ardougne monastery)

- Rada's Blessing 4 (provides a teleport to the top of Mount Karuulm)- Players can use Fairy ring CIR if they do not have the blessing

Inventory Setup (Left to right)

- Digsite pendant (provides teleports to Fossil Island)

- Can charter the ship from the digsite if the player does not own one

- Necklace of passage (provides various teleports to places such as the Wizards' tower, The Outpost and Eagles' Eyrie)- Drakan's medallion (provides a teleport to the star that spawns at the TOB bank)

- Can take the boat with Andras just north of the Ectofuntus and then run south from Slepe if players don't have this amulet - Xeric's talisman (provides teleports to various areas in Zeah)- Unlockable mine carts, various fairy rings and a redirected Hosidious house teleport can be used in place for the various stars- Desert Amulet 3/4 (provides a teleport to the Nardah star)- Can use Nardah teleports instead if players don't have the amulet

- Ring of Dueling (provides a teleport that is easily accessible to the mage arena)- Ring of Elements (provides teleports to all of the elemental altars in the game)- Eternal teleport crystal (provides teleports to Prifddinas and Lletya)- Can use a normal teleport crystal as well

- Ectophial (provides a teleport to the Ectofuntus)

- Not really needed if you have a Drakan's medallion

- Master scroll book (provides storage for all of the clue obtained teleport scrolls in the game)

- Royal seed pod (provides a teleport to the King's chamber in the Gnome stronghold)- Players can use the spirit tree teleport to get to the Gnome stronghold instead

- Teleport to house tablets (provides teleports to your POH, only recommended if your POH has teleports within it)- Players can use the construction cape or runes in their rune pouch instead

- Morytania legs 3/4 (provides a teleport to Burgh de Rott)- Players can also use the Shades of Morton minigame teleport with the completion of the Shades of Morton quest- Players can use the Mort'ton teleport scroll and run south

- Dramen Staff (provides access to Fairy Rings across Gilenor)

- Gem Bag (allows to collect gems passively whilst mining stars without the use of multiple inventory slots)- Coins (used for charter ships)- Stamina potion (you will find times where you need to run some distance between stars)- Rune pouch (can store whichever teleport runes you feel that you need in them)

Finding Stars

With online tools, finding your next star is easy. The best source of new star information is the Star Miners discord server. The Star Miners Map is a great way to navigate to new stars.

OSRS Shooting Stars - Complete Guide (2)

Visit the site here: https://map.starminers.site

How to use the website:1. Go to the link posted above. 2. Click on any of the non-faded points on the map.3. Find a star that is at least Tier 5+ or one that is a tier of your liking. It will also tell you how much longer approximately the star will last for.

OSRS Shooting Stars - Complete Guide (3)

Full Runthrough


  1. Setup your inventory

  2. Find a tier 5+ star with map site. if low mining level, just aim for that star tier or one above your maximum

  3. Teleport to the star

  4. Mine the star

Star Mining Tips

- Celestial ring will boost your xp rates here so aim to unlock that first from star mining

- Players can enchant bolts while mining stars for magic xp, however this significantly lowers your AFK rates

- Players can use the Idle notifier plugin to notify them whenever they are about to logout or whenever the star tier changes and the player has to click again

- Aim to mine the highest tier star you can if you want the most AFK time

- Aim to mine the lowest tier stars if you want more stardust

OSRS Shooting Stars - Complete Guide (2024)


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