Shooting Stars Guide - OSRS XP Tracker (2024)


Shooting Stars Guide - OSRS XP Tracker (1)

Added into Old School RuneScape on March 17th, 2021, Shooting Stars is an excellent, low-effort Mining activity providing amazing upgrades and rewards! One of the many “Distractions & Diversions” in the game, Shooting Stars sends players all over Gielinor for the chance to mine Stardust from Crashed Stars. But it won’t be easy: you still need to track the Crashed Star first, hopefully getting there in time to mine through all its layers before everyone else does!

Table of Contents What Are “Shooting Stars”? Shooting Star Mining Setup Tracking Shooting Stars Mining Shooting Stars Shooting Star Rewards

What Are “Shooting Stars”?

Shooting Stars is an activity where a star occasionally crashes all over Old School RuneScape, allowing players with appropriate Mining levels to mine them for their Stardust. Since they only spawn on average once an hour for each world at one of 76 possible landing sites, players must track a star’s location and time of crash before finding it themselves.

Stardust can be used at the Dusuri’s Star Shop in Falador to earn various rewards, from a ring that will enhance your Mining capabilities to a cosmetic upgrade to the Prospector’s Kit outfit.

Shooting Stars come in tiers, with each tier having a Mining level requirement equal to its tier times 10, scaling all the way to Tier 9 (requires 90 Mining). As players mine through a Crashed Star, it will deplete down to the next tier, meaning that if you have a low mining level, you will eventually be able to mine through it.

For example, a Tier 7 Crashed Star requires 70 Mining, but you only have 55 Mining. Other players with the appropriate Mining level can mine through the star’s tiers until it eventually depletes to Tier 5, where you can mine it!

Shooting Star Mining Setup

Shooting Stars Guide - OSRS XP Tracker (2)

For mining Crashed Stars, the full Prospector’s Outfit is your best option for gear, as it will give you a 2.5% multiplier to your Mining experience. Wearing a charged Amulet of Glory is also recommended to increase your chances of mining a gem, further increasing your gp/hr.

Along with your best pickaxe, you should wear a Celestial Ring if available (earned from the Stardust Shop itself), as it will give you an invisible boost to your Mining level.

Your inventory should consist of a Gem Bag to collect any gems you mine (prevent you from having to bank them every time) and a couple of Stamina Potions and teleports to anywhere you can in Gielinor. Shooting Stars can crash anywhere, so reaching even the farthest corners of Old School RuneScape is essential to efficiently mining Crashed Stars.

Players often opt to fill the rest of their equipment slots with the different pieces of the Achievement Outfit, as they all provide possible teleports to different places in the game. Having a Rune Pouch with teleportation runes or Teleport to House tabs with a built Portal Nexus is also extremely helpful.

Thankfully, Stardust is a stackable resource, so you do not need to worry about conserving inventory slots, and can instead focus on being able to teleport everywhere in the game.

Tracking Shooting Stars

There are multiple ways of tracking Shooting Stars within Old School RuneScape and through social means.

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If you wish to track Shooting Stars on your own, this can be done through the various telescopes you can build in your Player Owned House (POH). Three telescopes can be built in your Study room:

  • Oak Telescope - 44 Construction - 24 Minute Tracking Window
  • Teak Telescope - 64 Construction - 9 Minute Tracking Window
  • Mahogany Telescope - 84 Construction - 2 Minute Tracking Window

When viewing through a telescope, you will get a window that shows a Shooting Star, a general crash location, and a range of time it is estimated to crash. Based on which kind of telescope you have, the range of time provided will have a window of 24 Minutes, 9 Minutes, or 2 Minutes.

Note: there can be multiple possible crash sites all set within the same region, so if you get a region like Prifddinas, you must check multiple areas to find it (within and outside of the city).

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Thanks to the efforts of the Old School RuneScape community, there is also a Friends Chat in-game that you can join, the “Star Miners” CC. Once you join through the Friend’s Chat menu, you can see other players call out Crashed Stars on their world and also be able to call out any stars that you see yourself.

For an even more accurate guide of where any current Crashed Stars are, there are multiple trackers. has a shooting star tracker that will show the map location and time of a Crashed Star on any world. Trackers like this are incredibly useful for reaching a Crashed Star before anyone else, ensuring you have as much time as possible to mine it.

Mining Shooting Stars

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Once you’ve tracked your Shooting Star and you are ready to mine it, head to its general crash location and try to find it! If you are the first person to discover a Crashed Star, you will be rewarded with an additional 300 Stardust.

As mentioned earlier, Crashed Stars can appear all the way up to Tier 9, with a minimum starting tier of Tier 6 (requiring 60 Mining to mine at first). From the moment a Crashed Star appears, each tier will last a maximum of 7 minutes, so you will have that amount of time per active tier to be able to mine Stardust from it before it disappears.

Since each tier takes so long to mine through, if you are wearing an Amulet of Glory, it is expected to mine an incredible amount of gems from it. Hence, bringing a Gem Bag is important because it can be easy to fill up inventory space when mining all the way from Tier 9 (which can take nearly an hour to fully get through).

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You will earn 32 Mining experience per piece of Stardust you collect as you collect Stardust. Depending on your Mining level, you can expect to earn an estimated 25,000-30,000 Mining experience per hour and around 1000 Stardust per hour.

Shooting Star Rewards

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Stardust can be used at Dusuri’s Star Shop on the surface level of the Mining Guild in Falador. There are four different rewards that you can purchase from the shop:

  • Celestial Ring - 2,000 Stardust
  • Star Fragment - 3,000 Stardust
  • Bag Full of Gems - 300 Stardust
  • Soft Clay Pack - 150 Stardust

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The Celestial Ring will give you an invisible +4 boost to your Mining level (enhances Mining efficiency but won’t let you mine ores that are above your base level) and can be charged with Stardust. While charged with Stardust, you will have a chance at mining an extra ore and getting the additional experience for it.

The Celestial Ring can also be combined with the Elven Signet to create the Celestial Signet, combining both effects, making it a great combination when used with the Crystal Pickaxe.

Star Fragments is an item that can be used on each piece of the Prospector’s Outfit to give it a cosmetic upgrade that turns it gold. You will need to purchase 4 Star Fragments so you can cosmetically change all 4 pieces.

The Bag Full of Gems and Soft Clay Pack gives you a random assortment of 40 Gems/ 100 Soft Clay, allowing you to spend extra Stardust to earn a profit.

Shooting Stars Guide - OSRS XP Tracker (2024)


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