Subnautica: Where To Find Diamonds (2024)

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In Subnautica and its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, Diamonds are more than just a girl's best friend. These glimmering jewels are a necessary resource in crafting many an advanced material and machine, both for basic survival and their games' respective plots

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But much like their earthly counterparts, these precious gems are a rare commodity in the waters of planet 4546b. They're only available in limited quantities and in the deepest, hard-to-reach biomes of their respective games. So for anyone seeking out these valuable, shiny stones, here's a small guide on where, exactly, to find these elusive Diamonds.

Updated September 7, 2023, by Sean Murray: This guide will tell you where to find diamonds in Subnautica. We've also refreshed it with improved formatting and more breakout tips to make finding those diamonds even easier.

Diamond Locations: Shale Outcrops And Seabed

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Diamonds are found via two methods within the waters of the Crater.

The first method is to simply scout the individual chunks out in free-float among the seabed.

The second method is to seek out Shale outcrops. These tiny resource pockets have a chance of spawning one of three types of materials:

  • Lithium
  • Gold
  • Diamonds

Both methods are viable ways to collect the gemstone, as there are a decent amount of the jewels both in the outcrops and on their own.

How To Find Seabed Diamonds

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The locations of free-floating diamonds can and do vary from where Shoal outcrops are located. They can be found in several biomes (some of which may not even have shale outcrops at all):

  • The Blood Kelp Zone
  • The Bulb Zone
  • The Grand Reef
  • The Inactive Lava Zone
  • The Underwater Islands

In most of these regions, as well as the Shale outcrop locations, seabed diamonds will also be located in sub-areas, like caves.

Due to the general depth of the seabed, it's ill-advised that you use this method, especially early on in the game.

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How To Find Shale Outcrops

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Shale outcrops are abundant in many deep biomes of the game, requiring that you have an upgraded oxygen tank and Seaglide at best, or a vehicle at worst.

These biomes are also full of generally dangerous predators, from poisonous fauna to fearsome Leviathans. For those seeking diamonds, these outcrops will often be located in the same areas listed as the seabed chunks. However, they also appear in several other biomes, including, but not limited to:

  • The Jellyshroom Cave
  • The Mountains
  • The Lost River
  • The Mushroom Forests

For those seeking to accumulate a decent collection early on, there are several locations that even beginners can easily search. The primary area is in the Mountains biome, on the Island, as its caves are full of numerous Shale outcrops.

The next best location will be the Mushroom Forests, as its greatest depths measure only 250m, and its shallowest are easily reachable via Seaglide.

How To Get Diamonds In Below Zero

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Subnautica's sequel may still take place on planet 4546b, but it's an entirely new biome, with some new rules for survival. Among these changes are the methods for obtaining Diamonds.

  • Shale outcrops - renamed to Argentite outcrops - no longer hold these prized jewels.

However, while one method of diamond hunting was removed, several more were added. And so, here are the new ways to gather this precious gem.

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Below Zero: Getting Gifts From A Sea Monkey

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Sea Monkeys were among the many unique faunas added to Below Zero. These mischievous creatures can be found in abundance around the many Kelp Forests on the map, and when you first encounter them, they'll often attempt to steal Robin's tools.

However, once you encounter Architect Alan, they'll begin changing their tune, and instead, start bringing gifts of resources.

This is the most random method of acquiring diamonds, as what the Monkeys will bring varies, and is usually among the most common of resources. They rarely gift Diamonds to Robin, and again, it's usually only one at a time. While certainly a cute method, there are many, far more practical ways to obtain these precious gems.

Free-Standing Diamonds In Below Zero

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Like Subnautica, Below Zero also has its fair share of free-standing diamonds, located individually on the ground. But unlike the former, Below Zero's individual diamonds are all located above ground, often within nooks only traversable by Spy Penglings.

There are several of these nooks located within the Glacial Basin, alongside one on Delta Island, and another in the West Arctic. These nooks can be littered with a variety of other important resources, too:

  • Quartz
  • Magnetite
  • Lithium (rarely)

Of course, this method necessitates that you find the Spy Pengling blueprint and build it. Fortunately, the blueprints can be found in the Phi Robotics Center, which is also conveniently located in the Glacial Basin.

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Ore Vein Locations In Subnautica: Below Zero

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A unique method of collecting resources was added to Below Zero, in the form of ore veins. As the name suggests, these are mineable areas scattered around the map, holding anything from copper and titanium to gold and silver, to even the aforementioned diamonds.

  • Some veins require the Prawn Suit and its Drill Arm to excavate, while others can be collected by hand - many diamond veins are in the latter category.

Diamond veins can be found in numerous biomes, but are especially abundant in:

  • The East Arctic
  • The West Arctic
  • The Arctic Spires

Should you choose to scour the lattermost biome, be wary of the dangerous Ice Worm Leviathans that roam the arctic landscape, and prepare accordingly.

Large Outcrop Locations In Below Zero

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Large resource deposits are only mineable, again, via the Prawn Suit's Drill Arm upgrade. They've been a part of the first Subnautica, and Diamond outcrops were a part of the trial gaming. However, come the final release, they were removed from the gameplay. Below Zero added them once again to the world.

However, the outcrops are located only in the two deepest biomes of the game:

  • The Crystal Caves
  • The Fabricator Caverns

It will take numerous resources, alongside time and effort, until you can finally access these biomes. And once you do, you'll still have to contend with the dangerous Shadow Leviathans patrolling the areas. This diamond mining route is not for the faint-hearted.

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Subnautica: Where To Find Diamonds (2024)


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