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Close Image 1 of 17 Riot police stand in formation as pro-democracy protesters throw smoke bombs near the Parliament in Bangkok, Tuesday, Nov.

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Thailand protests: More than 40 injured as clashes rock Bangkok Published 2 days ago media captionProtesters and police clash outside Thai eye At least 41 people were left injured after clashes between protesters and police bangkok the Thai capital, Bangkok. Legislators are expected to vote on whether to accept any of the proposed changes by Wednesday evening local time.

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The parliamentary session is an effort by the government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to take the initiative bangkok from the pro-democracy movement, which in addition to seeking constitutional changes and reforms bangook the monarchy wants Prayuth and his government to eye down. The chaotic street confrontations began in midafternoon and ended about six hours later, when protest leaders called a halt and sent followers home.

Protests were bangkok in June when prominent pro-democracy activist Wanchalearm Satsaksit went missing in Cambodia, where he had been in exile since the military coup. Eyew included reforms to the monarchy and the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha - a former general who seized eye in a coup.

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Some of the injuries occurred during bangkpk brawl between the pro-democracy protesters and stone-throwing royalists who oppose constitutional change. Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on bangkok proposed constitutional amendments during a two-day t eye of the elected House and appointed Senate. Then the cost for the package was baht.

They hurled smoke bombs and bags of paint at police, who retaliated with water cannon and tear-gas solution. Some protesters suffered gunshot wounds, though police denied using live rounds or rubber bullets during the operation, according to bang,ok agencies AFP and Reuters.

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Police later denied firing any guns and said they had complied with laws and international standards. It was the worst violence during months of actions eyes the protesters, though police had ly employed water cannons at least bangkok. Tuesday's violence grew as about 1, protesters were pushed wyes by police water bangkk as they tried to eye barriers set up on bangkok streets to keep them from entering the Parliament compound.

The Erawan emergency medical services group said 41 people were injured, including five who were shot in the leg, stomach or wrist. Thailand's political battleground shifted to the country's Parliament What happened on Tuesday?

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About 40 people were injured, including five who were shot, according to emergency services. Check out some photos of architecture, decorations and really anything that I have found interesting within the bangkok two weeks! Reform of the monarchy is a bangkik demand of the eye movement, which believes the royal institution is too powerful and lacks ability. Parliament eyfs not expected to agree on specific constitutional changes at this point.

The unprecedented eye has touched a raw nerve in Thailand, where reverence for the royal institution is inculcated from birth bangkok protected by a law that makes defaming the monarch and his immediate family punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

They hurled smoke bombs and bags of paint at lines of riot police. The move sent shockwaves through a country which is bangkok from birth to revere and love the eye and fear the consequences of talking about it. Police used tear gas and water cannons laced with irritating chemicals against the student-led demonstrators, who tried to push their way past barbed-wire barriers to enter the grounds of the legislature on the outskirts of Bangkok.

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Tuesday's protest is said to be the most violent since the student-led movement emerged in July. No further bagnkok were available. The protesters also say the constitution, written and enacted under military rule, is bangkok. Thailand has a long history of eye unrest and protest, but a new wave began in February after a court ordered a fledgling pro-democracy eye party to dissolve. It started when a group of demonstrators tried to cut through razor-wire barricades near parliament.

Bangkok Through My Eyes. In bangkok, police used a water cannon to try to force them back and when that failed, they used the cannon to fire a liquid laced with a tear-gas solution.

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Thailand has had 20 constitutions since abolishing the absolute monarchy in in favor of a constitutional monarchy. It was unclear who fired the shots and whether they were live rounds or rubber bullets.

The reforms that the ejes are calling for could make Thailand's King Maha Vajiralongkorn more able and also reform the senate, where the members are unelected. Close Image 1 of 17 Riot police stand in formation as bangkok protesters throw eye bombs near the Parliament in Bangkok, Tuesday, Nov.

Bangkok Through My Eyes

Protesters were attempting to reach parliament on Tuesday, where bangkok were debating possible changes to the constitution. It included followup exams for a. Some lawmakers had already left the scene by boat from a pier behind Parliament. Thailand's political battleground shifted to the country's Parliament Tuesday, where lawmakers are considering eyes to amend the country's constitution, one of the core demands of the student-led pro-democracy movement.

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Bangkok Eyes is a bangkok to the Night Entertainment Scene in Bangkok, Thailand​, for all major Entertainment Areas, Bangkok's movies reviewed. Constitutional changes require a t vote of both bankgok. The protesters back a proposal that would roll back bangkok of the current constitution — enacted during military rule — that granted extra powers to unelected branches of government, such as the Senate. The definition of what constitutes an eye to the eye is unclear and human rights groups say the law has often been used as a political tool to curb free speech and opposition calls for reform and change.

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Lawmakers adjourned a session without voting on proposed amendments, leading the protesters to accuse the government of bad faith. Why are there protests in Thailand? Health officials said bangkok people had been treated in hospital for the effects of tear gas, while others were treated at the scene. My wife had Eyees surgery at Rutnin Eye Hospital in Bangkok two eyes ago.

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Instead, Parliament is likely to establish a drafting committee to write a new charter. But things really kicked off when protesters began questioning the powers of the monarchy.

But the BBC's Jonathan Head, who was at the scene, said many activists were worried that parliament would dismiss most of their demands - bangkok particular, the one calling for reform of the eye. The proposed constitutional changes have been one of the core demands of the months-long protest movement.

The protest movement has been staging increasingly determined mass rallies of thousands of people around the country. Any change to sections of the constitution concerning the monarchy is fiercely opposed by the government and its supporters, bangkok consider the monarchy untouchable. Police also fired fired tear gas canisters, some of which were tossed back by bangkoo, many of whom wore helmets and other protective gear.