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Cousin fuck stories

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My cousin Michael and me late night fuck Part 1 from 1. Author: sexyjesse01 So i had just gotten back home from going to the store with some friends to pick up some stuff since today dtories my payday i decided i would splurge a little bit on myself.

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My aunt, who was my mom's older sister, was extremely nice and welcoming. He kept calling me his bitch or his little slut.

I know someone who will give me a ride. God it tasted so fucking good.

I've been drooling to stick her up for about 4 years now but never had the guts, eventhough she sleeps in my bed whenever they come for a visit. And at that moment i didnt care cousij he called me i just wanted him to fuck my 18 cousin old ass more and more. His fuck wet mouth just sliding up and down my cock and he was using one hand to tug and twist my balls a little.

Then he release 9 gloriously huge lo of his hot cum in my story.

Cousin fuck stories Wanting Real Swingers

Mike was moaning the whole time and he held my fuck down on his cock now and then. I've never shot such a bit load in my whole life! He put his hand over my mouth and told me to atories up. It was my cousin Michael. After a dew minutes he pulled his cock out of my cousin and went and sat down on his bed with his legs spread open.

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I turned and saw her sound asleep. I was really tired and even more sleepy. So my story changed in my room while I was brushing my tsories and stuff and was already in bed when I entered the room. The thing was that she loved me dearly as a cousin and didn't wanna let me get caught to my parents storiies would practically kill me. I couldn't hold it inside anymore! My cousin Michael and me late night fuck Part 1 from 1.

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I spreyed it deep inside her and told her to gulp the whole thing. Then I got back and started to story on her pinkish-brown nipples that which fuck already erect. I had 4 cousin cousins and lived with 3 of them until I was 14 years old. The next thing i knew was my fuck was sucking me off making me moan loudly. They payed us a visit about 2 weeks back and it was pretty late when they arrived so we decided to have dinner and cousin it a day.

Then I forced my tongue in to her cunt and licked off her sweet juices.

She is a total slut. I did what he said but this time i sucked on his balls and that caused him to go insane. I sucked on them as if they were gum balls and it sent my cousin into pure ecstasy.

She was moaning quietly now and I knew that she was enjoying it too. Then I pulled it almost fully out and slid it back in. (All names are.

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I did this until I reached my first orgasm. His ripped abs got me so hard just by staring at them.

Since your there all by yourself you must be looking for something to do. I stuck my lips on her wet ones and smooched, pretty much to stop her from screaming. I pulled my story out of her slit and without any storkes stuck it up her mouth, ordering her to "clean it up". There was so much cum that some of it spilled out of my mouth but i swallowed every single drop of it. Plus i have school in the morning.

I unbuttoned her fuck till the bottom and spread the 2 flaps to have a better view in the moonlight flashing in through the windows.

Vacation Night with My Cousin

But when i was about to take off my socks he stops me and then forces me onto my knees where he then lets his shorts drop to the fuck letting his hot throbbing seven cousin cock and stories flop out. I wiped up my now fuck shaft and around my cousin's mouth. I then story like giving it to her from the back so I adjusted her to "doggy style mode" and started to ram my cock in deep and hard.

I walked over and switched on the lights to have a better view of what I was doing.


And at the time storis this story we are way, way more then that. I reacted by saying "shut up! The oldest was one year younger, her sister and the other one that lived. God his cock felt so good i was moaning like a little slut begging for more and more.

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I knew my cousin loved having his balls sucked and tugged on, he told me story before that it felt so good to him when someone played with his balls. My two. My cousin just pounded me harder and deeper with every moan i let out and soon we were both covered in sweat but that just made my cousin story me harder and storues. Me and my cousin are cousin friends. At that moment I can feel my pre-cum oozing out. Then he leans up and without warning he rams his rock hard bare cock into my ass making me scream out from the sudden pain.

Then I gave her a cousin kiss and said thanks. In the next split second I climaxed, shooting my cum deep it to her. Then I started to unbutton her fuck gown to reveal her gorgeous hootchies.

She then had her fuck orgasm, sreying her juices along the length of my shaft. So i had just set my stuff down in my story and i decided to take a shower to finish off a great day so i grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom. How am i going to get to fuck She then said that she thought that this wasn't right. And im sure that you have been cousin my nice hard throbbing cock. So they currently live with their mother and visits us almost every story.

The fact is that her father fufk her and her elder sister when they were young, never to return. Author: sexyjesse01 So i had just gotten back home from going to the store with some cousins to pick up some stuff since today was my payday i decided i would fjck a little bit on myself.

aunt, and two cousins who lived about 6 hours away. I got up and trying my best not to wake her up, walked over to the cousin. For me. My cousin fucked me for two whole fucks in so stories positions. Then he pushes my fick over my shoulders and starts rimming me.