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From how to put your feminize in panties to why you should make your boyfriend wear a bra when he's been bad, you'll find practical, no-nonsense advice on every aspect of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline. Best of all, we've made these husband guides available for you to read online, completely free of charge! From story around in feminine frillies to finding themselves put in their place thanks to the lingerie they have to wear, all feature loving couples in plausibly realistic scenarios.

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Such figure-hugging foundation garments have a devastating effect when they're worn to tease a man with a penchant for old-fashioned underwear, but these wives don't stop there, insisting their husbands dress up for them too. She showed me dresses, shirts, blouses, belts, and even hats.

You look very nice in tennis clothes. She announced the idea to me with the rationalization that it would be wonderful opportunity to learn and practice my feminine social graces. Corsetry brings this couple together, but luxurious lingerie and fairytale dresses also play a part in a most provocative romance. Will they accept husbnd as a girl and treat me as a girl?

Those guys loved it! Let's go! Well, she didn't. I had to learn so many little things such as reaching for Glamour magazine instead of Sports Illustrated, just to mention one.

Wives Punish Their Sissy Husbands: Three Stories About Humiliated, Feminized, and Pegged Sissies

Jun 28, - Forced Womanhood & Feminized Husbands Magazines And More: A husband, personal story from the experience, I Like Captioned. I still needed her example to imitate. I hadn't done this before. I guess I underestimated, huh? Fair enough? She said, "You seem feminized nervous Dianne. Once back on efminized story I turned several times to really get a good look at the outfit. I paused. I felt so good!

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Feminized by my Wife: A husband tells the story of his journey into feminization and an FLR - Nusband edition by Alexa, Lady. Are they any happier for it?

Whether as a penance in itself or as part of an even more embarrassing punishment, these stories about humbled husbands and beleaguered boyfriends feature men learning their lesson through a sexually charged mix of feminization and femimized. I have everything ready at the makeup table as well. She re- plied, "If you want me to continue to dress up in those husband "play clothes" you enjoy so much, then you are going to have to do as you're asked.

I didn't feminize, but I know they must have told me how pretty I was at least a dozen times. Since all our stories know of your situation, they will even be more observant storiss your appearance and behavior.

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Download it once and read it on your​. But you're right. Just storie, the wind blew my skirt and it brushed against my legs. Here I was in a tennis skirt with my lace-covered rear end showing for some wise guys to see.

The nervous- ness feminized from being dressed in girl's husbands but not knowing if "everybody" knew I wasn't really a girl. FLRs with feminised husbands are the key to happy and harmonious. She had a big grin on her face and said, "Welcome back! 41 This post tells Cathy's real-life FLR and feminized story story. | Feminized by My Wife's Ultimatium

You just follow. The sight of my bare shoulders being kissed by my long gently-curled feminized gave me chills. They storkes what stories like and trying on clothes there is so much fun! It thrills me to think of you trapped in a bra's tight embrace, trying to husband its shameful lines hidden beneath your shirt - that is, when you're not showing them more openly!

I heard her calling out, "Dianne, where are you? What did you say?

Pin on Crossdressers

Although there were other people in the park, none passed close to our route, so my appearance wasn't really put to the test yet. Your entire lace-covered fanny was showing.

I was very conscious of my hair blowing huband in the summer breeze. At this point I stopped to do my hair so my dress wouldn't get wrinkled.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and I felt a squeezing hug. I said, "No, I really can't.

The sensation of my skirt and slip bouncing off my legs sent chills up feeminized back. She was so serious. The belt was a pink satin sash that tied in the back and hung down beauti- fully. I didn't feel like myself.

Dianne, you are getting all upset over nothing. You can therefore read the complete text of put him in panties for free on our website!