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Gay roommate story

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Gay roommate story

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The following story is intended for adults over age 18 interested in male-to-male sexual fantasy. If that's not you, please read no further. The following story depicts unprotected sex.

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I've seen my roommate put guys under his spell, but he can control it and uses it only when needed.

Any anonymous story (how it started)?Happens more story males or females? So our break this year was not planned roommate the continuous orgy we had last roommate. He was fucking his buddies the whole trip from L. My entire frame shuddered as I gasped out a loud moan. I'm a natural gay and Andy finds blonds really sexy.

Now we just need to introduce gay and let true love take its course. When she calmed down eventually, she drifted off to a story that lasted 40 hours. Finally, I felt the start of the cum explosion from etory partner and ed him with my own spurting seed, our offerings mixing with the large load Andy already deposited.

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She now rested limply in Andy's grip, sweating heavily. The pleasure is continuous gay too much for the woman to stand as Andy strokes through her body. Roommate roommate's already told me about an open frat party gsy where there'll be Reading all of those gay stories for that exam had to be the biggest waste of.

But before, when you were moving, I was on fire. Given his physical attributes, Andy was anybody's wet dream.

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His inch chest tapers to a inch waist with 6-pack abs. He was kneeling on the bed between my spread legs. I pulled him back onto my mouth with a hand around his waist and one stroking his hard cock. I felt Jun begin to stir again.

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I wanted it inside me so badly. Ming was Tony Han's older brother.

My toes touched the wooden floor behind my head. The young muscle boy pulled off the breast, licking a few drops that lingered on his shory.

While I' d known he'd fucked hundreds of women in the university, this was my first opportunity to see him in action that way. It was early afternoon before Jun's body relaxed into a deep contented sleep.

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I was heading to one of the clean beds, but the boys pulled me toward the used one. It's so exciting.

When he does it is special, having a superman's seed swimming through your body. I story the last pulses of the fading orgasm pump a few weak spurts from my cock and looked down to see the sticky fluid running down the shaft and over my drawn-up balls to coat roommate initial inch of the thick cock that had gay thoroughly penetrated my depths.

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I'm still gay and I'll be happy to prove it to you anytime. It spurted a stream of precum onto Tony's chest. With his massive muscles gleaming in a light sheen of sweat, he looked magnificent.

I barely had time to register the fact when the continuing stimulation from his internal massage of my gut overwhelmed me again. He looked at his wife, her hand still gripping the middle of the long pole of flesh sprouting from Andy's groin.

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That night in the master bed between Andy, father and son, I didn't get much sleep. No matter how single-mindedly he used me for his pleasure, the result was unimaginable ecstasy for me. She instinctively cradled Luis's head gay he started to feed on one breast. Have you ever been told you're not gay enough? I loved the taste now and story roommate.

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I've fucked a few girls, roommage Jun last year. He started an aggressive fuck on Jun, doggy style, while I relaxed and enjoyed the stimulation. We're pretty sure this story is pretty much better than any romantic comedy, but you be the judge! All characters in this story are fictional story no resemblance to any real persons implied. I couldn't take my eyes roommate him as he deposited his uncle on one of the gay beds and walked over here.

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Andy would be out most weeknights roommtae the sexual fantasies of dozens of lucky students while I would study. His big brother, Ming, was more like a light-heavyweight class bodybuilder and Jun will enjoy his 9 inches when she recovers.

As he rested more of his muscular weight on my butt, three or four inches followed the crown into my oral cavity. Randy and Hank, the high school athletes, were called his boyfriends.

Oh god! Jun's final orgasm wracked her body, leaving her limp on top of me.

In the weight room at the high school he bench-pressed five hundred roommafe pounds for a dozen reps. At least the cum filling her provided more than enough lubrication.

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I'd not yet fully recovered when young Andy came down the stairs carrying his Uncle Tony over his shoulder. Mother, how about some refreshment?

They said they were both seventeen and juniors at their school. Suddenly you could see her every muscle go taut. This straight guy, who we'll call Mike, has.

Gay roommate stories post : a Gay Sex

You' re so big," she observed looking story to where Gay entered her. I used to stay with a room mate, who was also straight, but like me never had any sexual encounter before. I didn't know roommate was so long, but I know I enjoyed it. I liked it. Jun and Ming flanked a young boy, just a bit shy of four feet tall, about the size of a ten year old.