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Greek word for love

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This is the love of friends. Again, in English, the verb "like" is a relative term, not an absolute.

Greek word for love I Am Want Sexual Dating

1. However, using lovve earlier example, you cannot "hate" your mother-in-law" at the same time you "love" her. The bond between spouses and the bond that parents feel for their children is the clearest expressions of it. Philia: intimate. However, you can also enjoy being with people that are very different than you are.

· 1. Jesus uses this word about twice as much as he does phileo. Loving things is a relative term, expressing a preference for that thing over similar things. Eros is even less like agape.

You can love a son with phileo, or a friend or lover. Ancient Greek philosophy differentiates main conceptual forms and distinct words for the Modern English word love: agápe, éros, philía, philautia, storgē, and xenia.


He also emphasized Jesus's teachings on love. Though agape has been translated as "to desire," Jesus does not associate it with sexual desire or romantic desire.

The excitement of phileo may lead to eros, but they are different. Philia​. And notice that Jesus does not include spouses in this gteek, only parents and children, those to who we have a worv but who most don't choose as companions. While we can certainly feel agape for our sexual partner, and, in the case of a spouse, both are required for a happy life, but this overlap is in the relationship, not in the meaning of the words.


It means simply that you would prefer not to eat it. Both agape and phileo are used at the opposite of the word translated as "hate. Eros does not require agape and, unlike phileo, agape doesn't lead to eros.

While a spouse or parent may be motivated by their bond of love to improve you, your friends wlrd you the way you are. Eros: romantic, passionate love · 2.

Greek word for love Ready Man

Historically, in Greek literature, this verb has expressed a lot of different ideas including "to be fond of", "to greet with affection", "to persuade", "to caress", "to prize", "to desire", "to be pleased with," and "to be contented with. Is agape an emotion?

He described himself as the one whom Jesus loved. He uses this word to express feelings of caring that people have for relatives and friends. When you share a person's point of view, you have a feeling of phileo, brotherhood, with them.

It describes a relationship. Unlike agape, phileo is never a duty.

8 Different Types of Love

7 Distinct Greek Words Describe Different Kinds of Love—Which Have You Experienced? Perhaps it is easier to understand this idea of relative preference by looking at how we use the greek "love" when we refer to things rather than people. You can also "love" people even when you don't have the duty of responsibility for them. In many for cultures, love of both sexes common kiss to express their emotion.

Sometimes the word is simply inserted to satisfy the translations' feeling about what a give word means.

Or the relationship of two brothers? Treek that you like in this way excite you in some way, though it can be intellectually or emotionally and not necessarily erotically. Knowledge Center.

Why should God let you into Heaven?

It is more like how French men word kiss each other on the cheek. If we want to avoid confusion, the best way to translate agapao is in terms of caring and being devoted to someone. The word expresses a negative preference, not a strong passion. This is especially true for "love" where two different Greek words are both commonly translated as "love.

In English, "love" is less specific. Our caring about others is agape. You can be sexually attracted to word who you don't particularly like to spend you time with otherwise. Eros, or sexual passion The first kind of love was eros, named after the Greek god of fertility, and it for the idea of sexual passion and desire. In the same sense that caring for someone can also love having affection for them. For he thought of Jesus as a big brother.

· 2. Plato does not talk of love greek as a necessary greek of love, hence the use of the word platonic to mean, "without physical attraction". The Relative Nature Jesus uses two different words that are translated as "love" in the Gospels, agapao and phileo.

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Again, the word doesn't have the absolute, strong emotional sense that it does in English. An expression of phileo is more simply an expression of preference.

Hreek should also note that John uses both of the common terms translated as "love" a lot more often than the other Gospel writers. If nothing else specific is specified, it means valued much less than all similar things.

Correctly translating these terms makes this easier to understand.