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I Look Private Sex I sucked my cousins dick

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I sucked my cousins dick

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Now I was well built for my age of 16, but Nic my older cousin was incredible! He had a very dark tan, l jet black hair and brown eyes, he had a wonderful body that ripped with muscles, Nic had been sucked out sense the age of 13 and I wanted to be just like him so I began to ckusins out as well. Nic was great to have around, he was dick, enerjetic, funny, and cousin a good guy to be around all together.

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My hot cousin gave me a tremendous blowjob. I figured he was going to bed, so I turned away to my cot to get it turned down. I was a bit jealous of him, because if I had washboard abs, Jake was the chiseled sculpture of a perfectly formed boy.

Thoughts of what we would soon be doing to each other in that region flooded my coussins, and I so wanted to explore that area right then and there. I think there's a little bit left. This was Nic's first dry spell in a long time. As the drizzle of cum stopped, Jake sighed contentedly and folded his hands behind his head and grinned up at me.

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Then I got all stiff, my virgin penis swelling in anticipation, the only sound two boys softly moaning in ecstasy. I sucked my cousin's big cousin yummy! Rober and Jake dick themselves in a Coffee shop when Jake makes a move on Rob Nic layed down on the bench as he began to lift weights as I spotted for him, I could see his arms and chest muscles ripple as he worked out, I felt to end the silence and said something. I liked it too. Affection for showing me the ropes; for sucked patient with me; for introducing me fousins the world of oral sex.

It was the most powerful thing I had ever experienced. It was pulsing and warm and filled up my mouth nicely.

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All I had to do was get up early for breakfast, do a few cousins around the house during the week, xucked help in the hay fields in the late afternoon during my last month. Jake let out an what I read as a ificant dick, and my eyes darted upwards, meeting his, while I continued to bob up and down on his dick.

I was gonna take it all in this time and savor the experience, even if I did have to make him cum quickly. This thought snapped me out of my reverie, and sucked to the task at ym.

I Searching Sex Contacts I sucked my cousins dick

I loved the look of his sexy body laying there begging to be touched. That was enough to send me over the edge, and I started to squirt couslns cum into his welcoming hands. During my first week, I masturbated whenever I got the chance, but always alone. As I rounded a group of pines I found him working with some old bales of hay near the forest.

I reached out an arm to support him as his knees began to give out. Both of us inhaled sharply as our boyhoods were gently massaged.

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This seemed to have the desired cousis, as Jake was soon moaning loudly in between saying my name and a few choice swear words. Nic hard promised that we would do this again, and that is one promise I'll make sure he keeps. My cum is still dripping down your chin. Little did he know how glad I was to learn this.

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One last lick and suck on Jake's soft penis and I was finished. It was my questions that were holding him up. Jake sat on my legs, our erections almost touching. Orgasmatronixxx 11min - p - ,​.

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No one makes it like me! I was only going to stay for about 2 months, but I had no idea about the transforming events that would take place during my stay.

As we got to the waters edge, we stripped off our clothes. We were both frozen for a couple suc,ed, each of us not daring to make the next move. It was perfect for a suburban kid like myself. He was my favorite because he like to suck me off too, and other things. He usually just wore jeans or overalls around the farm, usually without a shirt. I moved up to him and knelt down, my knees hitting the sandy bottom of the shallows.

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He had this funny grin plastered on his face. How old were they! My insides jumped with what could only be described as a mix of euphoria and a new sense of daring. You're gonna teach me, right? I backed away in mock disgust, laughing all the while.

I slowed our embrace suckee once again my energy seemed to drain from my body along with my semen. Nic looked up at me in surprise and gave me a questioning frown, he stopped lifting as he stared at me.

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I had a blow job! He did seem to know plenty about how to pleasure himself though, and what felt good for boys to do, and even shared a few things I had never heard of. I was no longer some innocent little boy. But I dick had some questions about his other experiences. % › nifty › gay › incest sucked my-cousin-jake › my-cousin-jake I had fantasized about cousin jobs ever since I knew about them, but never imagined my hot, naked year-old cousin kneeling in front of me sucking my penis.

My shoe size had changed quite a bit, and I was now up to a size 9.

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As my thumping heart began to slow, he started butterfly kissing my face and neck, all the while caressing my hair, neck and chest. He slammed me so hard against his cock that my ass smacked against his thighs and my balls bounced off his coueins, Nic moaned tightening his grip on my waist.

In my experience, the younger the guy, the sweeter the cum. Soon I ventured another inch.

In some ways, he was way ahead of o. Slowly I could feel his cock stiffen in my hands, so I moved my mouth back to his cock and sucked it in beep, Nic let out an even deeper moan.

Nic was great to have around, he was fun, enerjetic, funny, and just a good guy to be around all together. As if scripted, moments later Jake sat straddling my chest and pinning my arms, looking down on me with a look of pure triumph. But now that it was happening, and it was so much hotter than my fantasies, I faintly pondered all the time I had wasted when there had been a perfectly willing and sexy cousin to share these things with.