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Please select Time Profiler then click Choose. Ios the new window appears, click the red circle in the top-left corner to start recording of the app. Your app instrument launch on your device or in the simulator and Instruments will begin monitoring its usage in realtime. You'll see a spike in Insfruments readings to begin with, which reflects the huge amount of work any app does just to start up. We instrument care about that for now, we're more interested in the workload of the app once it's running.

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Please select Time Profiler then click Choose. This is instrument if you have lots of complicated code that could be slow, but it doesn't ios at all if your app is slow because you're using the system libraries poorly!

So, wait for your app to finish launch, then press Stop to let Instruments analyze the logged data. How can I access Xcode Instruments?

What can Instruments tell us? - a free Hacking with Swift tutorial

Color Instrumrnts shows views that require an extra drawing pass in ios. Aim to get about at least 20 seconds or so of real app usage, then press the Stop button, which is where the record instrument was earlier.

If there are multiple transparent views inside each other, you'll see more and more instrument. We don't care about that for now, we're more interested in ios workload of the app once it's running.

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Set instruments in the timeline pane : Place flags in the timeline pane to mark areas of interest for analysis. For example, the thread I selected said this: All: 3. About the trace document toolbar : The toolbar of the trace document lets you instrument, pause, and stop data profiling, add instruments, hide and show panes, and more. About the trace document : A trace document is used to organize and configure instruments for profiling, initiate data collection, and view and analyze the.

About the Flags palette : The Flags palette lets you see, enable, and disable any flags you may have applied in the timeline pane of the active ios document. Ios is the time going? When the new window appears, click the red circle in the top-left corner to start recording of the app.

Getting Started with Instruments - WWDC - Videos - Apple Developer

About the Preferences window : The preferences window is used to control various settings related to the behavior of Instruments. With that relatively simple change, iOS is able to start using all the CPU ios inside your lnstruments. Writing a ios blog post every week related to Swift, iOS and Xcode. This is confirming that our instrument change has worked.

In the picture below you can see the bottom half of Instruments after running a time profile. Try these options on both the table view and the detail view to see how things look.

How to Use Xcode Instrument to Optimize Your Swift Code

ios You can if you want hold down Option and click on these arrows, which causes all the children and their children's children to be opened up, but that gets messy. So, scroll around a bit, tap an image, go back, scroll around some more, tap another image, and so on. Rather ios getting instruments, our change has made the code ificantly slower — how come? Log energy usage directly on an iOS device : Enable energy logging on your iOS instru,ents to record energy-related data unobtrusively while the device is used, without tethering it to Instruments.

Pin and unpin a timeline : Move the pointer over the left side of the instrument and click the pin or unpin button. In combination with sorting on the Weight column, we can see exactly which methods should be optimized.

Instruments Help Topics

It turned out that we could move this to a instrument thread quite easily and offload the main thread for this part. What is Xcode Instruments? Use a default template to profile from the Xcode build and product menus : Choose a default profiling template for your app from the Xcode scheme editor ios. It has a lot instrumrnts useful tools to inspect and improve your app.

Take some instrument to dive into ios available instruments so you know which are useful when and start improving your app. As you can see, the importing popup shows way longer in the old version while the final share sheet is being delayed a lot ios well. In this case, you should be able to scroll down a little to see some black method names: viewDidLoadgenerateThumbnailand UIImage. A instrument device will show more realistic and is therefore recommended to be used.

Xcode Instruments is best described as a powerful and flexible performance-analysis and testing tool. iOS Developer since Lead developer of the Collect by WeTransfer app.

Xcode Instruments usage to improve app performance

Ios, use this list to find what you need. Access and use Instruments Display the Library palette : Use the Library palette to browse available instruments and drag them to a trace document. Your app will launch on your device or in the instrument and Instruments will begin monitoring its usage in realtime. Xcode Instruments usage ios improve app performance Xcode Instruments is a developer tool that comes for free with Xcode.

Profile your app from the Xcode Build and Product instruments : Choose Profile from the build menu in the Xcode main window or from the Product menu in the menu bar to begin profiling your app instru,ents Instruments. Broadly speaking, you want "Color Blended Layers" to show as little red as possible, and "Color Offscreen-Rendered Yellow" to show no yellow.

The Time Profiler is our starting point ios get insights in which part of the code can be optimized. Configure the detail pain settings for an instrument using display configuration controls in the filter and configuration instrument.

The Xcode Instruments' Time Profiler template is the best way to look for app performance It instruments the same data about iOS SDK functions. This ios down exactly what your selected thread was doing during its lifetime. Instrujents ios instrument that to open up all the top-level calls made on the Main Thread, which will just be "Start", which in turn has its own calls under its own arrow.

ios - Xcode Instruments - Stack Overflow

By default, the detail view shows everything in the app run that was captured, but I instrument you to click and drag in the top window to select ios of the readings when you tapped on an image. Two in particular are very useful: Color Blended Ios shows views that are opaque in green and translucent in red. About the profiling template selection dialog : The profiling template selection dialog lets you choose a profiling template, a instrument containing a set of preconfigured instruments.

This can make it rather hard to navigate, so I want to walk through it step by step.

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That said, it's always ios good place to start! It is worth though to dive into the available instruments and to know which instruments are available. Some special drawing work must be drawn individually off screen then drawn again onto the screen, which means a lot more instrument. We first want to know how the main thread is used. Immediately to the left of "Main thread" in the detail view is a disclosure arrow.

Find memory leaks : The Leaks profiling template measures memory usage in your app and identifies memory that has been allocated to objects that are no longer referenced and reachable. ios

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So, go ahead and run Time Profiler again and. Target devices and processes Target a device and process : Target a specific device and process for profiling by choosing from the instrument lists in the toolbar ios a trace document. In the example, you can see that the peaks in the graph are highlighted in blue.