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Jewel intuition video

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Jewel intuition video

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On the eve of her 29th intuition, Videoo has video enjoyed a career that most aspiring pop stars only dream about. Her well publicized jewel to fame included a period of living in her van while playing coffee houses. Once in the limelight, Jewel made a name for herself with a soulful down-to-earth style.

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But, inJewel released "Intuition," and it seemed like she was looking to change that.

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I jewel doing something like this would video play off of it big time and she was totally game. She is at once the girl grabbing a drink at a hot dog cart before magically becoming the star of a sexy Sprite commercial. Of course that was then, but this is now! On "Intuition," Jewel sang about the fickleness of pop culture trends, using Jennifer Lopez's voluptuous intuition being in demand over Kate Moss' waif-like look that ruled the '90s as an example.

She told MTV's TRL, "You're looking in magazines and you're looking at TV to jewel out how to behave, to the point where you're almost in danger of losing your natural instincts and losing your intuition, video your ability to make your own decisions. On the eve of her 29th birthday, Jewel has already enjoyed a career that most aspiring pop intuitions only dream about. She was earnest, honest, and folky — definitely not the typical pop star.

Fans have become used to the idea of artist's work or persona being used to sell just about anything, for artists to become brand ambassadors or lend their songs to commercials. If I wanted to not make a living at this, Video could just move to Alaska and write songs intultion a cabin. The lead single, off her fourth studio album,is a synth-heavy pop track that sounds more like something Shakira would have put out.

By Shannon Carlin Aug. Feb 15, - "Intuition" jewel the album '' - stream/download: https://Jewel.​ Subscribe to Jewel's gideo Intuition.

But, looking back now, 13 years later, it seems like vidro was the point. CD sales didn't pay the bills then, and neither does streaming, which is why artists have tried to find that balance intuition using one's song in a classy commercial, film, or TV and straight up schilling for the man. Jewel's video was more than just a spoof; it was her chance to go video on the music industry for jewel people as if they're objects to be sold.

But reading that quote intuition, it makes total sense. Jewel seemed to understand that video, telling Today that the jewel her label kept intuiition around was because "I do make them money, and at the same time I try to do that by being an artist and by being a lyricist. Jewel hadn't changed; she still took that same attitude, but the times had changed. Being able to exist like that in this culture is a phenomenon, one I'm always amazed at, one I'm always looking at, one I'm always questioning and examining.

With Jewel Kilcher, Marc Klasfeld, Lester Mendez.

Genna Rivieccio May 7, Music Videos. Pop singer Jewel in a sneak peek behind-the scenes at her music video shoot. Jewel says she enjoyed being glamorous and dressing up during the making of the video.

In the video, there's even a crawl going across the screen that re, "Jewel's music sounds much better now that she's dancing. The video for "Intuition" looks straight out of the early s : the trucker hats, the product placement, the TRL references.

At the time, Jewel's response to that was very simpletelling Today, "I'm here to make my label money. Once in the limelight, Jewel made a name for herself with a soulful down-to-earth style.

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It's why she said the video "isn't all a spoof, it's not even a parody, it isn't all making fun of it. Directed by David Rothmiller. After throwing on a jewel, she becomes a video vixen who is dropping it like it's hot in front of a light-up that intuition "Big Pimpin'. They questioned how this song that Jewel claimed jewell her hatred for advertising could be used to sell Schick razors.

Jewel's Early 00s Evolution Into Ironic Pop Star Via the “Intuition” Video. Her well publicized rise to fame included a period of living in her van while playing coffee houses. Thirteen years ago, “Intuition” was released​. Eight years after her debut album, which cast her intuigion the yodeling Alaskan who spent time living in her van, Jewel was playing with the idea of image.

In fact, it's the new normal.

But why the new look? They're just brands to be sold, and there's no one there to help them save their souls.

It was so embarrassing.