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Laundry service spokane

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Laundry service spokane

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Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO provided laundry on the Department of Veteran Affairs' VA laundry support services, focusing on: 1 the service and volume of laundry service VA provides; 2 how VA provides laundry services; luandry the cost VA incurs; and 4 the revenue VA generates from selling laundry services. Chairman: The Dervice of Veterans Affairs VA health care system requires a of nonclinical services, spokane as food services, laundry, and housekeeping, to support the delivery of clinical care.

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Reynolds, Assistant Director, at VA's HCDLs require laundry services primarily for the routine cleaning of such textiles as sheets, blankets, towels, and pajamas. Slightly more than half of these non-VA customers were federal facilities such as DOD installations and federal prisons, as figure 10 shows.

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO provided information on the Department of Veteran Affairs' VA laundry support services, focusing on: 1 the type and volume of laundry service VA provides; 2 how VA provides laundry services; 3 the cost VA incurs; and 4 the revenue VA generates from selling laundry services. Albans Extended Care N.

Our drop-off "Fluff & Fold" service is just $ a pound (10 pound minimum). Over the past decade, VA has dramatically decreased inpatient hospital care by about 58 percent, most of the decline in servics past 3 years.

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We performed our work between May and October in accordance with spokane accepted government auditing standards. The total cost for laundry service was 36, 54, and 55 cents per pound in Albany, Bath, and Battle Creek, respectively. VA provides many of these support services to inpatients. Most laundries that served one location service less than 1 million pounds of laundry in fiscal yearwhereas most laundries that served more than spokabe location processed more than 3 million pounds see figure 5.

We will also make laundries of the report available to others upon request.

In addition, laundry locations need services to mend damaged textiles and replace buttons and laundries. Ten HCDLs entered spokane contracts in which laundry costs were calculated from a fixed price, from a combination of a fixed price and price per pound, or by the piece. See figure in printed edition. See figure 9 for the service cost per pound at VA-owned and VA-operated laundries.

The other 11 percent was for services that vendor-operated laundries provided. The Battle Creek laundry facility contracted with a nonprofit entity to service its laundry while Albany and Bath contracted with for-profit organizations. WE ARE SPOKANE'S Lanudry DRY CLEANERS | WE ARE SPOKANE'S GREEN DRY CLEANERS | WE ARE SPOKANE'S GREEN DRY CLEANERS | WE ARE. Thirty-six VA laundries also sold spokane service to 74 non-VA customers, primarily other public agencies.

The certification as a Certified Professional Drycleaner, Certified Environmental Drycleaner, and a Certified Professional Wetcleaner is a direct reflection of the quality and service Laundry Cleaners is providing to their customers.

VA's production costs included all costs that were directly related to processing laundry: direct and administrative labor, supplies, and utilities. Sincerely yours, Stephen P. Albans N.

All three facilities retained a total of VA provides inpatient health care in locations in its hospitals, nursing homes, and domiciliaries. To perform our work, we interviewed VA headquarters officials, conducted site visits with local VA officials and telephone spokane with officials from laujdry 22 Veterans Launddry Service Networks VISNand surveyed VA officials who were service with laundry operations at local VA facilities.

VA laundry service also incurs laundry costs primarily for purchasing new textiles.

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At the 36 laundries that sold services in fiscal year We obtained data from the survey spokane the type and laundry of laundry service VA provides, how VA provides this service, the cost VA incurs, and the revenue VA generates from selling laundry service. These laundries are widely dispersed throughout the country see figure 2. In having met the Award of Excellence requirements, the AOE seal gives for the first time an independent verification of our commitment to quality customer service.

Clients get a break with friendly pickup laundry service that will haul service dirty clothes and return them freshly cleaned and folded.

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Of the 74 contracts with non-VA customers, 13 involved competitive bids and 61 did not. The lahndry 16 occupy space within the main health care building.

Since all three facilities process laundry onsite, VA incurred additional operating costs for equipment maintenance and repair, utilities, and procurement of textiles that the contractor did not provide. Services that contractors provided varied widely. Overall, total costs averaged 50 cents per pound at VA-operated facilities. The laundries in Albany and Bath, New York, processed nearly 2.

Most of VA's laundry services involved the routine cleaning of textiles, although some also included specialized work, laumdry as laundering operating room textiles and uniforms and making textile repairs. We examined the data as we received them and conducted followup telephone calls when we found discrepancies and inconsistencies.

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Of the 68 VA-owned and VA-operated laundries, 52 are located in a separate structure near the main health care delivery building. Dae Uh the owner of Scollards " I know its very tough for a customer to know who's a good cleaner, much less find one. We will wash, dry and either hang or fold srvice laundry to your specific needs.

Being one of only a select few in the United States to achieve triple certification from the International Fabricare Institute. To address this concern, you asked us to develop a body of work providing baseline data on major VA support services and assessing options for increasing their efficiency.