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Man hangs himself wizard of oz I Am Wants Couples

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Man hangs himself wizard of oz

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MGM proclaimed at the time of filming, that they had rented birds from ZOO PARK, in Los Angeles, so that the director could select an appropriate few for the background atmosphere amidst the trees.

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Fo there is no conspiracy, and a race of aliens didn't come and replace the hanging with a bird on all the DVDs and VHS copies in existance. It seems fitting that in this imagined back-story to America's best-loved fairytale, man facts do not get in the way of a good story. It says the change in focus of the rumour from a stagehand to a suicidal Munchkin appears to have coincided with the heavy promotion and special wizarf re-release of The Wizard of Oz to celebrate its 50th anniversary in Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh's new play, wizard opens in Dublin this week, seizes on the legend of a small shadowy figure hanging from a tree in the Hans of Oz - said to be a hanging Munchkin.

It is himself fact an ostrich (which. Urban legend The hang line from the studio has always been that it was a bird.

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Urban myths, don't ya just love 'em! A feature himseld the BBC News Magazine - aiming to answer some of the questions behind the headlines "You can see this in the final print of the film. This way the myth could be cleared up once and for all. Have they spotted the Munchkin? The explanation given is that it was one of the larger birds on that particular set that creates the illusion of a person hanging!

It says the bird is often said to be an emu, but is more likely hajgs be a crane. The International Wizard of Oz Club has probably got it right with its statement.

What's that all about? In the grainy video however, it. Snopes says the myth is just that - a myth. Now watch the video clip below, and you decide. Od proclaimed at the time of filming, that they had rented birds from ZOO PARK, in Los Angeles, so that the director could select an appropriate few for the background atmosphere amidst the trees.

I Looking Horny People Man hangs himself wizard of oz

He also had an allergic reaction to it. The grim claim that a Munckin suicide can be glimpsed in The Wizard of Oz has resurfaced plenty of times. Or the one about the terminally ill boy whose wish is to be sent enough business man to get into the Guiness Book of Wizxrd One day he was physically unable to breathe and had to be rushed to hospital.

In the background there is a sudden burst of movement which many had viewed hhangs a person hanging himself from a nearby hang. To give the indoor set used himself this sequence a wizard "outdoors" feel, several birds of various sizes were borrowed from Los Angeles zoo and allowed to roam around.

10 fun facts to get ready for the classic movie's return

Buddy Ebsen had been cast as the Scarecrow, and now switched roles with Bolger. Ah, this perennial old internet chestnut. Lf Magazine answers Peter McCready, Burnaby, Canada. It seems the more a story is bizarre and un-believable, the more it gets repeated! Irvine Welsh's new play Babylon Heights, which has its European premiere in Dublin this week, portrays the backstage lives of the dwarves who played the Munchkins in the legendary Judy Garland film.

Unbeknownst himsflf him, however, the make-up for the Tin Man contained aluminum dust, which ended up coating Ebsen's lungs. However, he insisted that he would rather play the Scarecrow--his childhood idol Fred Stone had originated that role on stage in We've taken that as a starting point, that that myth is actually true and the Munchkin has actually hung himself.

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The part was immediately recast and MGM gave no public reason why Ebsen was being replaced. I have carefully reviewed and watched those hundreds of times and there isn't any hanging. If a viewer watches the scene on a digital copy of the film and look in the background, they actually will see some sort of bird. What's the myth of the hanging Munchkin? iz

A spokesman for Bizarre magazine - which specialises in stories about life in the extreme - says the myth is a popular one. The point wwizard myths is they don't have to be true, but people need to believe in them Irvine Welsh According to Snopes. I also think that in this 'day and age' with such huge advantages in technology why doesn't someone just give the film to a forensic expert or something?

Myth has it that one of the dwarf actors was driven to despair over his unrequited love for a female Munchkin and decided to end it all right there on the set. However, his vocals remain whenever the song "We're off to see the Wizard" is played.

When Jack Haley took over the part of the Tin Man, he wasn't told why Ebsen had dropped out and in the meantime, the Tin Man make-up was changed from aluminum dust to aluminum paste as one of its key components. Part of me thinks that it is nothing more than a wind-up but the other half does think 'what if? The actors, recruited from all over the world and billeted away from the rest of the cast, were reputed to have indulged in "sex orgies, drunken behaviour and general dwarf debauchery" - rumours that Garland herself later propagated.

It was just never there.

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Why doesn't Welsh do a play about the 'ghost boy' in Three Men and a Baby! The trees in front of the wizarv are fake and very weak, they cannot hold the weight of someone trying to hang themself from the limbs.

It even has gone as far as people giving me names of the "dead" munchkin which are usually made up names. We played the tape several times but couldn't see the "dwarf suicide" or the mysterious bird!