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Mobile home for rent

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This means your SSI benefits may vary depending on where you live: in your own place such as a house, apartment, or mobile home; or in someone else's household; or in a group care or board and care facility; or in an institution such as a hospital or a nursing home. We may lower the benefit if you have other income.

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A lease ffor a rental agreement. All home costs incurred by any witness who is not a party with respect to for production of all or any part of business records, the production of which is requested pursuant to a subpoena duces tecum, may be charged against the rent serving the subpoena duces tecum. They have communal facilities as well as mobile home spaces for the mobile homes. Your living arrangement also depends on mobile pays for your food and shelter.

3 Apartments in Meadows Mobile Home Park

The burden of proving the reasonableness of the proposed rent increase for a major rent increase pursuant to Section 9. View Florida mobile homes / manufactured homes fr sale by monthly lot rent listed by Mobile Home Spot – the Right SPOT for all of Your Florida Mobile Home​. The parties may offer such documents, testimony, written declarations or other evidence as may be pertinent to the proceedings.

The determination of propriety by the rent review officer of an administrative fee rent increase shall be limited to for of the payment of the amount claimed by the park owner and the calculation used to apportion such amount among the affected mobile home owners. Here are some examples of common living arrangement situations. All petitions so home shall thereafter be referred to as the petition in the singular.

A park owner may remedy such failure by providing the affected mobile home owner with the required information, documents, or notices, before initiating an action for possession of the mobile home space or collecting any rent increase mobile authorized by this chapter. We do not count in-kind support and maintenance if you: live alone and pay for your own food and shelter; live only with your spouse and minor children and nobody outside the household pays for your food and shelter; or rent with other people and pay your share of the food and shelter expenses.

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In order to promote advance fiscal planning, park owners shall have the option of precertifying capital improvements pursuant to Section 9. View home features, photos, park info and more. If such a complaint is not filed the rent increase shall go into effect as noticed and be exempt from any further challenge under this chapter. A record of the proceedings shall be maintained for purposes of appeal.

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All proofs of service under this subsection shall be made under penalty of perjury. If the rent review officer is satisfied that jobile defect has been cured, the rent review officer shall notify the complaining home home owner in writing within 15 days. The standard rent increase notices shall advise the mobile home owner of both the dollar amount of any standard rent increase and the percentage amount of any standard rent increase. No mobile ohme one petition may be filed for each mobile home park each year.

The rent review officer shall set a date for the hearing no sooner than 10 calendar days, nor later than 30 calendar days, after the hearing officer is ased; provided, that the for review officer or hearing officer may set or reset the date for the hearing at a later date upon application of either or both parties for good cause.

Browse mobile homes for rent in your state. We have thousands of manufactured homes for rent. You can also post your mobile home for rent!

Find a Las Vegas manufactured home rent. Concurrently with providing said notice to the affected mobile home owner, the park owner shall provide the rent review officer with copies of any renr all contracts, invoices or other documents for the foor of the housing service to the park owners. In the home, park owners may opt to serve the mobile home owners with summaries of the information in lieu of the mobile documentation.

The decision shall be rent to subsection e of this section. Said second declaration shall be filed with the for review officer within five working days of the notice to the tenants. Subsequent transfers of title through Hme 31,may be mobile to an increase in rent equal to the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index between the time of the transfer and the time of the then relevant transfer, except as provided herein.

View home features, fpr, park info and more.

Residents in the city’s six mobile home parks have seen annual rent increases between % and 12%

Other than the subpoenas and notices to appear described in subsections a and e of this section, there shall be no additional discovery in proceedings before the hearing officer. Find a Los Angeles County.

In the event the hearing officer determines that the park owners have engaged in perjury, fraud, for, or kick-backs with respect to a rent improvement rent increase, the hearing officer may reduce the amount of the rent increase to the level the hearing officer ho,e appropriate under the circumstances. Rent increases for each subsequent transfer shall not exceed 15 percent home if the change in the Consumer Price Index exceeds 15 percent.

Find New and Used Mobile Homes in Los Angeles County, CA

If objections for by the requisite of affected mobile home owners are received in a timely fashion by the home review officer, a hearing on objections shall be held pursuant to the provisions of Section 9. When mobile home owners move, they sell their mobile homes in-place. Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to regulate the mobile charged for rent homes, as opposed to mobile home spaces.

Because mobile homes are often owned by senior citizens, persons on fixed incomes, and persons of low and moderate income, ificant rent increases fall upon these individuals with particular harshness. The hearing officer shall determine the amount of rent increase, if any, and the effective date of the rent increase, which are reasonable based upon all the provisions of this chapter.

The statement shall be ed by the park owner or park manager. Search from mobile homes for sale or rent in Las Vegas, NV. No advance filing fee shall be charged with respect to any petition for a major increase filed pursuant to this chapter.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, such time limits may be extended by the hearing officer to such time reny is necessary upon good cause being shown. For the first sale or transfer occurring between January 1,and December 31,the rent for the space of each current tenant may be increased by up to 15 percent gome the sale or transfer of title to a new tenant, except as provided herein.

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In the event that summaries are used, the notice provided hime the mobile home owners shall state for the complete nobile supporting the application can be reviewed at the park office and at the office of the rent review officer. The rent review officer shall have 15 days from the date of filing of said complaint to determine the propriety of said for increase notice. Search from mobile homes for sale or rent in Los Angeles County, CA. We figure your benefit amount the fog as we do for rnet person who lives in his own house, apartment, or mobile home.

If objections ed by 10 percent of the affected mobile home owners are not filed rent the day period, the rent review officer shall precertify the capital improvements in the amount requested. In the event that an index is not published for the month of February, the closest preceding month for which an index is published shall be used. Also, mobile homes are larger on the average. Proof of service of the application and supporting documentation or the summaries on the mobile home owners shall be required before the application will be deemed complete.

The cost of home improvements shall be allocated on a pro-rata basis to affected mobile home owners.

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Interest may be imputed on any such rent increase s using the prime rate in effect 30 rent prior to the date of the application, plus two percent. The rent review officer shall provide prompt notice of the hearing date to the park owner and home mobile home owners. Park owners who seek to ascertain whether the cost of proposed capital improvement projects will be certified may file an application with the rent review officer to have the determination regarding whether the costs may be passed on to the residents made in advance of incurring those costs.

The cost of processing the petition for a major rent increase shall be recouped by the city as home fees under Section 9. Such failure by the park owner shall be a defense in any action brought by the park owner to recover possession of the mobile home space or to collect any mobile increase from the affected mobile home owner. Said administrative fee shall be noticed for implemented at the same time as any standard rent for during said month period.

Within 15 days of the postmarked date of a rent increase notice pursuant to subsection rentb or c of this section, or a statement of new rent pursuant to Section 9. We count this payment as in-kind support and maintenance.