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Nerd valentines day cards

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By Sadie Trombetta Feb.

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Love Card. This Ode to Emily Dickinson. Sweet Card.

Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards

Whether you are shopping for your bibliophilistic ificant other or picking our Valentine's for the whole book club, here are 21 cards for book nerds that will make them swoon. Instead of spending hours trying to find a present that accurately represents your unique relationship and where it stands, all you had to do was trade funny Valentine's Day cards to other kids in you class. In pie-chart form, of valentinnes.

Perfect Catch. For Your Nap Pal If taking a quick daytime snooze vaoentines your favorite activity, giving this card will mean a whole lot to your sweetie.

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If you pair it with plane tickets to Venice, well, even better. You know, the Bonnie to your Clyde. Because you need to pair the necklace for your BFF or the beer-making kit for your dad with the perfect card. Valentine's Day as a kid was easy: get cards, attach candy, trade, repeat.

When you were younger, though, the holiday was much simpler, and much more fun. This year, it is time to once again honor the traditions you started in elementary school by picking out funny and often punny Valentine's Day cards for all the book nerds in you life.

There was no budgeting for an expensive dinner and a big box of chocolates, no agonizing over whether or not jewelry is valentinws serious of a gift, and no stressing about whether or not it was "too soon" to spend the day together. For Your Travel Buddy The intricate detail of this card makes it almost as good as frolicking through Europe.

By Sadie Xay Feb. If you ask me, it's time to get back to the basics and celebrate Valentine's the good old fashioned way: with silly and witty cards.

Hot Topic Releases ‘Supernatural’ Valentine’s Day Cards – Nerds and Beyond

Valentine's Day Card. You're A Keeper. Nerdy couples, rejoice! What, exactly, is a perfect card? And we really mean it about the whole chocolate thing.

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Valentine's Day is coming soon (if you forgot, this is your reminder) so you probably are looking for gift ideas and cards. For Your Forever Boo Arthritis or a broken hip, whichever comes first. In years past, you may have been underwhelmed by the Valentine's Day card. Instead of the czrds.

For Your Always-Hungry Partner Valentnes couple has had this question pop up one too many times throughout the relationship. For Your Math-Loving Nerd Take it back to basics and show your beloved business genius or Excel superstar just how much they mean to you.

Love Greeting Card. 15 Nerdy Valentine's Day Cards For Adorkable Couples.