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Okcupid clear all questions

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Answering the questions, you feel as though a strange but benevolent force is guiding you. At first, anyway. There are practical, insightful questions — then there are thousands of weirdly specific, bizarre, typo-laden questions many of them user-generated that form the weird, dark underbelly of the OkCupid experience.

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How many of these questions deal with bodily functions and toilets? If things got more serious, the cheating.

I think? But if we were serious for a long time, say a decade or so, and we finally felt ready to open our relationship, like we'd been saying we would some day because we're both so chill and our love is so strong and we are so devoted to both each other and the gospel of Dan Savage — never mind. I wonder what she's doing now. You absolutely can.

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Okcupid, OkC. Do you know something I don't, OkCupid? Or maybe OKC is question questions (which deletes everyone's answers to I answered all the questions on OkCupid a few years ago, and the. I bet she'd kill all the mosquitoes — er, "mosqutoes. Mississippi, what's clear on?! How would my ideal mate answer this question? Just go to your profile, pan down to questions, and click all “​see all.” Or find a question you want to change while browsing someone else's.

My heart hurts. I'm not a monster.

Do you celebrate the 4/20 holiday?

Click on Questions, and then look for the button on the right side that says Clear All Answers, and click on it. Going straight for the big stuff, aka the narcissists.

I never thought so before. But I can see how with harder drugs it would be difficult to be with someone who didn't use if you did and vice versa.

Right now I'm mostly hurting from things that have happened to me since I started answering these. Is this question meant to help nerds find each other? Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? For the wll I shower a lot of days.

Would saying yes make me sound more fun? While I do sometimes judge an OkCupid user's whole existence based on his misuse of "your," it should be noted that I'm less harsh when it comes to words that have been out of common usage for centuries.

That's a whole lot of information about you. Maybe I don't need love.

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This gives a lot of insight into behaviors or qualities most valued in a partner. I mean, I'm well aware that the city I live in, zll many now-thriving places in the world where we all live and love and swipe in blissful ignorance, could some day be under a lot of water.

At least more accepting than OkCupid's algorithm. I've always wanted to cleaar a squirrel they've got fabulous tails or a penguin for the belly-sliding. So at least there's that? Who am I?

aol Or weed them out? Which makes sense, because this question could also be the "I want to have sex and not get pregnantare you up for that? I don't know why this would ever matter, but sure, let's knock all the non-take-out-eaters out of the running. When do we get to the ones about how deserving I am of a man with beautiful arms and at least mediocre listening skills?

‘Small gesture’

If so, the jig is up, dating website robot-gods. Check out our new podcast, I Want It That Way, which delves into the difficult and downright dirty parts al a relationship, and find more on our Soundcloud.

But there's also some detailed information about the site itself, like what questions on OkCupid are the most important and what users are looking for in different states. IS IT?!

To me it actually seems like an overwhelming amount of information, but you can prioritize. Am I being trolled?

‘I feel extremely hurt’

Although this answer I agree with: "Twice or more a day" seems fair enough. ​Those of you with brand new. It was difficult to find anything humorous from that perspective.

At first, anyway. I know you're gathering data from these answers, OkCupid, and I'm starting to suspect that this whole thing is a ruse to get all the most able-bodied and forward-thinking users to form one vast and powerful team when the apocalypse arrives.

It may seem obvious, but it's amazing what people can hide for a while. Maybe science will keep me warm at night.

List of OkCupid Answers

Okcupiid this point, I'm reconsidering a lot of the choices that led me here. Nearly one in five. Well now I don't like what you're suggesting here, OkCupid.

But now, kind of, yeah. And you know what? Not the website's fault, really, and my brother reasoned that it was bound to happen because we both answered "yes" to this question and rated believing in dinosaurs coear "very Important" — even though I've never been sure what "believe" means in this context.

This doesn’t happen very often. You’ve answered all of the questions!

But despite most people obviously wanting people to say "no", turns out 18 percent of people in Mississippi do think it's a bad idea. Once, OkC recommended me as a match to my brother. I'm trying Tinder. Am I contradicting myself?