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Police officer sex stories

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She decides to drive into the city to find a nice restaurant too eat at.

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Jess And The Police Officer - Fetish story : A Sex Stories

The other stood with his arms crossed, and damn did that guy spend a lot of time at the gym. Adams wrenched his hands behind his back, sending Caleb falling forward. I knew I wouldn't be leaving without a cumstain on my uniform or her panties.

But it would never be enough. Like Facebook Chloe has an encounter with a female police officer she'll never forget.

Smashwords – Sex With Authority: Six Erotic Stories About The Police and Correctional Officers - A book by Hannah Butler - 1

They must have one! She is very angry and officer chris tells her to turn around and put her hands on the car.

Lush sex stories, social network for lovers of erotic stories. Adams hauled his hips close, driving into him as deep as he could go.

At around PM, I was patrolling through a quiet neighborhood and noticed a car pulling out of a driveway. Pender clenched a fist in Caleb's hair and yanked his head up. He was reaching for his wallet when one of them said, "Off the bike, son. Grey eyes, a too-worn hoodie. It was the sensation of still-hot cum leaking out of him that shocked him back into the present.

They bent him face first over the back seat. Jess says well this is bullshit im not paying that fine. One of the officers yanked him out of the car by the waistband of his jeans to deposit him on the dusty ground. He immediately feels something in his pants start stirring. They were police officers.

Erotic Stories : Used By The Cops - A Gay Sex

One of them stood forward from the other. Too many erotic stories.

Caleb held his out. He emptied his cum into Caleb and the hot semen flooding inside of him brought him to orgasm without a hand even touching his cock.

Rookie Cop and His Partner - Gay Sex Story

Written by. The police man gives the usual spill. Now he was on the back seat of a cop car, taking it from a police officer who'd pulled him over for speeding. Then he frisked him, and Caleb actually relaxed marginally.

Erotic Story: A Man In Uniform

She starts driving and turns onto the highway as she tries to merge oficer cars will let her in so she speeds up doing about k without realising. I turned my flashlight and got out of my car and walked over to the other car's door. He was a slut, just as they said. Home > Sex Stories. Feeling a bit naughty.

Officer Chris pulls out and roughly grabs Jess and throws her in the back officer his police car he climbs in after her and jess climbs on top sex him and sits on his story letting it slide all the way inside her. Caleb swayed police he sat, only vaguely aware of car doors opening and closing, of an engine revving to life, of the fading sound of a police car disappearing down a desolate highway.

I like to read these stories, so I thought I'd write one too.

Sex With Authority: Six Erotic Stories About The Police and Correctional Officers - Kindle edition by Butler, Hannah, Harper, L.J., Sans, Aaron, Butler, Hannah. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

The road was deserted. Only the best porn stories and sex stories. She started riding me and moaning loudly. He says. Nothing to do but pull over.

The Police Officer Ella slutty women

Erotic stories free to watch. I then began to lick her sopping wet pussy. He'd had sex all of twice in his life.

She started smiling and rose up and sat foficer the bed, right next to me. Welcome to Golden Beach - the Town Run by Sexy Female Police Officers. For all he two hot female police officers holding their gun. Then the officer's touches got slower.

‘police officer’ stories Ella slutty women

Author: CassieBlake49 The speed limit was sixty here, but Caleb pushed his bike more, faster, up past eighty. This can't be happening. The officer pressed Caleb's face into the car seat as he came inside him, driving in deep, his thrusts now short and fast.