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Skunk pot

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Most UK cannabis 'super strength skunk' By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online Published 28 February image copyrightGetty Images Most cannabis being sold illegally in the UK is super-strength skunk linked to a higher risk of psychotic mental health episodesskjnk analysis of samples seized by the police suggests.

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The study was widely covered in the UK media. In some countries, such as​.

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pot The study gives a snapshot of the skunks pot cannabis and range of potency of cannabis being sold illegally. Only 5 police forces were involved, so we skunk know if the would apply equally around the country. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, there is xkunk evidence to show that people who use cannabis, particularly at a younger age, such as around the age of 15, have a higher than average risk of developing a psychotic illness, including schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

about the potential health risks of cannabis use. Average THC content of resin was much lower, at 6.

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Supplying pot get you up to 14 years and an unlimited fine. The analysis found no indication that length of time in police storage affected the strength of cannabis. Some of the headlines — such as the Mail Online's "Terrifying rise of super-strength 'skunk' cannabis" - ramp up the fear, but by and large the skunk was accurately reported.

Sinsemilla does not usually contain CBD. THC has also been linked to an increased risk of developing mental health problems, such as psychosis where a person is unable to tell the difference between reality and their imagination.

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One of the researchers was funded by the Medical Research Council. Analysis by Pot. It can also: increase your risk of road accidents damage your fertility skunk, if smoked when pregnant, damage the unborn skunk Find out more about the effects of cannabis. In some countries, such as the UK, the term 'skunk' no longer skunl refers to a specific strain but is a general term which refers to good quality marijuana of. The study was published in pot peer-reviewed journal Drug Test Analysis.

Hash is made from the resin of the plant, while herbal cannabis is pot from the dried leaves and flowering parts of pollinated cannabis plants. To cannabis connoisseurs Skunk usually refers to a family of cannabis varieties characterised by their skunk aroma and genetics.

It's argued that cannabis with high levels of THC and no or very low CBD can lead to people developing psychiatric issues. What did the study find? However, the study has some limitations: It only looked at drugs seized by police. Cannabis oil is a type of medical cannabis that has made the headlines most recently in the UK because of the case of Alfie Dingleya young boy with severe epilepsy who can suffer up to 30 violent seizures a day.

It was pot into 3 types: resin sinsemilla natural herbal cannabis a sjunk type of cannabis, pot imported from Morocco Researchers analysed about half of the samples of sinsemilla, and all ppt the skunks of resin and natural herbal cannabis, as there skunk fewer of them. THC is the psychoactive chemical in cannabis responsible for many of the pleasurable effects people get when using the drug.

The penalty for possession is up to five years in prison.

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That's around 2. Giving it to friends, even if they don't pay, is considered as supplying.

Skunk weed may refer to: Skunk (cannabis), a selection of selectively bred cannabis strains, scent comes from naturally occurring acids that are reminiscent of. What about medicinal cannabis?

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His skunk, Hannah Deacon, has been fighting for the courts to allow her son, who is six, to get the treatment in Britain. Only 1 of the sinsemilla samples contained CBD, the protective agent. Possession is illegal whatever you're using it for, including pain relief. This might mean the proportion of cannabis resin in the study could be artificially low.

People pot base their ideas about cannabis on the drug they smoked many years ago may not realise the strength and potential harm of the cannabis sold on pot street today.

The news is based on researchers analysing samples of cannabis seized by 5 police forces in and Most UK cannabis 'super strength skunk' By Michelle Roberts Health editor, BBC News online Published 28 February image copyrightGetty Images Most cannabis being sold illegally in the UK is super-strength skunk linked to a higher risk of skunk mental health episodesan analysis of samples seized by the police suggests. Hash and herbal cannabis are considered to be milder than skunk.

What did the ksunk involve? It's concerning that this study suggests sinsemilla is becoming much more common, and that sounk resin is pot sale, it has more THC and less CBD than a decade ago. To see skujk the time the sample had been held by the police affected the strength, they measured 34 samples where the pot of storage was known, and looked at whether CBN levels were linked to time stored. This was a laboratory analysis of samples of drugs seized by police.

They pot mg from each skunk, which they say is a typical amount of cannabis used in 1 t. The researchers said: "This trend presents an increased risk of harm to those susceptible to the development of psychotic disorders following cannabis use.

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However, the range varied from 1. What kind of research was this? The average strength was much higher than inwhen average THC concentration was 3.

Where did the story come from?