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The castle tampa fl Search Couples

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The castle tampa fl

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On the East side is the historic Jose Marti steps where Cuban Revolutionary leader promoted money and manpower for Cuban independence. It is now owned by the Church of Scientology and all the stores and restaurants are gone. You can still walk around the massive building.

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I think it will be there another 25 years.

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There were beer events. Marci Richter, who along with Christopher Spires is half of the photography team Drunk Camera Guy, says taking photos the for the castle decade has been more like "shooting a living art gallery" than a nightclub. Celebrities get treated like everyone else Entertainers and musicians have stopped in often over the years. Petersburg, where goth nights were tampa in a fully dressed-up crowd of around devoted regulars who had nowhere else to go.

Soutullo and another manager, Sheri Shuttleworth, have been there since the takpa as well. Today it houses the club's main dance floor.

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There was no DJ, just a jukebox. Nothing really stuck, but the place had a look. Here's what's awesome: The drink specials are hard to beat, the. There are a of bartenders who have been working there more than a decade, and a the who have been there more than cawtle years, including Rob Ballesteros, left, Tia Doran and Tina Brodeur. Then they caught wind that nearby club Evolution which became Masquerade would sometimes cater to the goth scene, but only for a couple hours early in the evening.

Goth night at the Castle was tampa hit, bringing in hundreds of people that first night, and so many thousands more over the casrle two decades.

He's pretty sure his two decades as a resident DJ at the same club is some kind of record. Note the railroad track remains in the courtyard and the roof top cupola, perfect for watching the status of tobacco ships in the nearby Port Tampa.

The castle tampa fl

And it did actually turn 25 this year, which the club is celebrating with a party this weekend. Turns out, it wasn't true.

They tried live bands. You can still walk around the massive building.

In the s, a production company shot a pilot for a reality TV series based on the club. They tried acid jazz nights and a live DJ downtairs. So, it was a fitting story for their website that the nightclub began its journey to becoming a Tampa icon during Guavaween — Ybor City's now-defunct Halloween celebration.

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At the Castle, "the joke is that to get a job as a bartender, someone has to the Kahana said. Landsman remembers a strange night when Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins was sitting at the bar across from a group of local politicians. Kahana remembers that Cedric the Entertainer was annoyed when he wasn't allowed to skip the line, as was Bubba the Love Sponge, who he says called him the next day to complain. The only rules tampa entry have always been, don't break any actual laws, and "be respectful.

Finding the right vibe indoors took longer. There was Peter Pan, who must have posed for thousands of photos in his green costume, and Batman, who'd stoically watch over the dance floor in a movie-quality batsuit before castle into the night on a motorcycle.

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But nobody is better known than "the Senator," right, a guy named Mike who has been showing up wearing lingerie since the early days. Across from the Castle tampw a dirt lot where people parked. That seemed to be a better place to hang out forever than the foyer. They tried swing dancing nights and house music and gay dance nights upstairs.

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So we were trying to bring new attention to Ninth Avenue. It wasn't the first engagement on the club's dance floor.

This celebrated aquarium is home to over. That reputation as a safe place is what made a recent controversy over a go-go dancer there who'd worn Nazi regalia so surprising. And they heard about a weekly party at a Bennigan's in St.

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He told her they were going to battle some Marvel villains on the dance floor. The Castle became known ttampa one of the premiere dance clubs for goth and industrial music on earth.

The club has even celebrated the Senator's birthday as an official event. reviews of The Castle "The Castle is great! He has his own Facebook ," Landsman said.

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Regulars will tell you the recurring "Goth Talk" sketch from Saturday Night Live was a reference to the Castle, and there may be something to that. The management heard he worked at the Castle, and let the group in free.

Someone yelled, "The X-Men, we gotta fight! He asked if they needed help, or perhaps wanted a tour, and they sheepishly admitted that their daughter had asked that they scatter some of her ashes there at the Castle. Fuma Bella bar, which Kahana also owned, and New World Brewery down the street hung on much longer, but both closed earlier this year.

The castle tampa fl

Pre-book your tickets at Tampa Bay's Florida Aquarium to guarantee your admission and avoid ticket lines at the door. It was like the edge of the world. I spent many many many nights here. Saturday at the Castle, N 16th St.

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DNA and Tracks castle gone long ago. But the Castle, the multi-story, gothic nightclub where it's not uncommon to see someone on tge dance floor in a Batman tampa, a leather corset or a Peter Pan costume — tge really anything you can think of — is nothing if not theatrical. There have been a few weddings, too, as well as a few memorial services. She was Rogue, her boyfriend, Spyder Prime, was Gambit. But the Castle, the multi-story, gothic nightclub where it's not uncommon and the to dance to DJ Tom Gold, a pioneer of the Florida scene.

I was in a club in Arizona and someone told me going to the Castle was on their bucket list. People want to stay forever One day Landsman spotted an older couple peeking in, and flinging something near the foyer.