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You need a man around here

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Back to Food and diet What should my daily intake of calories be? An ideal daily intake of calories varies depending on age, metabolism and levels of arouhd activity, among other things. Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2, calories a day for women and 2, for men. What are calories? Calories are a measure of how much energy food or drink contains.

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He'll say that it's time to teach Poo the power of the Starstorm. When you enter, you'll find an ATM and pay phone to your left side. There are some pretty nasty baddies floating around here, so don't linger.

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Once you're ready, head to your right and then north, around the small rock outcropping. Return to Dungeon Man and speak with him.

Then head north to Brick Road's vehicle mam. You Need A Man Around Here Lyrics: You've sure got a real nice place / So don't take this the wrong way / But I can tell by your decorating.

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Now just sit back and watch the scenes that follow. Take this and continue north to the next rope, then take this one to the third floor. aroknd

He's oyu strong, so don't worry now if you get attacked by those floating crystals -- with Dungeon Man on your side, they'll be pancakes. Drop through it and the following holes until you reach the first floor again. Back to Food and diet What should my daily intake of calories be?

Follow the path on this floor around the south, then left, and finally north again once you see an opening. If you take the first ramp and then follow it to the left, you can snag a Cup of Lifenoodles, while if you take the second ramp and follow it north, you can get your hands on a Super Plush Bear.

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There's really no choice here, so Poo will briefly be leaving your party. You'll soon be coming across an ATM, so you can just get the money from there and come back.

Next to a tree to the left of the pyramid's exit stands a native with a spear. Dungeon Man will now be following you. Hege weight To lose weight in a healthy way, you need to use more energy than you consume by eating a healthy, balanced diet with fewer calories while increasing your physical activity. He will tell you that he may have a submarine in his collection, and if you can fix it up, it's all yours.

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For more information on weight loss, download the NHS weight loss planour free 12 week diet and exercise plan. Since you've gained many levels since then, they should pose no threat.

Read or print original You Need A Man Around Here lyrics updated! As you leave, the Star Master will suddenly appear in front of you.

Artist: Brad Paisley Song Title: You Need A Man Around Here Capo 1 Intro - A - E - A (verse 1) A E You sure gotta real nice place, A So don't take this the wrong. This time, you arojnd be on top of the rocky outcropping that you couldn't reach before.

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You can walk around and check out the pens of animals here, if you want, and also rest on the bench in the lower left corner. Be especially careful around them -- they can cast PSI Freeze, and what's worse, their glare can diamondize you. To your left is a rope. Head aroudn and drop in the hole you see there.

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An ideal daily intake of calories varies depending on age, metabolism and levels of physical activity, among other things. There aren't any enemies on the third floor.

Once you obtain the Key to the Tower, head northwest across the peninsula. The first floor nere rather small and has only some low level enemies. If you walk through them, Dungeon Man will get stuck and you'll have to continue on your own. The amount of energy you need will depend on: your age — for example, growing children and teenagers may need more energy your lifestyle xround for example, how active you are your size — your height and weight can affect how quickly you use energy Other factors can also affect how much energy you burn.

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To gain weight, you need to eat more bere than your body uses each day. You've sure got a real nice place / So don't take this the wrong way. You should probably take the bear, it may be useful for the second floor. The Super Plush Bear can't be frozen or diamondized, though!

The Multi-Bottle Rocket is Jeff's best weapon in the game. Travel to your right, and you will find another one of those native guys with the spears near some trees.

Then check the yellow submarine. Further information.

Not eating all day.

Speak to him and he will give you gere Key to the Tower. Brick Road will give a short speech, and then agree to follow you.

Then, head south and exit. A GP can also give you advice about losing weight.