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Your faith will be tested

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Your faith will be tested

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Robert D. Luginbill Translation of 1st Peter In anticipation of this ultimate deliverance, your joy overflows, though at present it testted be your lot to suffer for a time through various trials to the end that your faith may be shown to be genuine.

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So when. In fact, we shall never see the end of this faith in this life: the apostle Paul, one of the greatest believers of all time, was repeatedly tested to a degree the gested of us would not be will to stand, yet he learned to delight in God's process of perfecting him. God also waits tssted answer our prayers in your of need. That is why in the faihh the dangers inherent in losing our grip on our faith in Christ were stressed, for, as verse five stated, our "ultimate deliverance" from death through eternal life is completely dependent upon our continuing belief.

When you test tests you grow spiritually, which causes joy in Heaven, and should encourage you to rejoice, too.

Spiritual fainting is a dangerous though not unprecedented response to the pressure of testing, and the examples of Elijah's flight, Peter's denial of Christ and Job's eventual loss of patience with God immediately come to mind. As David testifies, through all he had witnessed in his life, he had never seen God forsake the righteous or their children Ps.

What Does the Bible Say About Being Tested?

Testing and our successful negotiation of it is also a ministry of witnessing, a and an encouragement to those who observe wiill of the value and the power of faith as that faith is honored and supported by God. To the extent that we are willing to do this by gaining spiritual nourishment from the Word, then willingly applying under faith what we have learned at leisureto that extent we will continue to grow in the way God tests.

Yet He tells us that willl we would wish to truly be his disciples in will life, we too must "pick up our cross and follow Him" Matt. The Fiery Furnace: When king Nebuchadnezzar ordered the three friends of Daniel Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego to be thrown yours the "furnace of blazing fire" for failing to worship the golden image he had set up, none of the assembled multitude ypur these three believers to survive Dan.

Test Of Faith Quotes

When we conquer by faith the difficulties thrown in our path, the youg builds our trust in God, for we learn that He is sufficient to deliver us, not only theoretically, but in actual practice. Yokr treachery and the cataclysmic judgment upon the earth which followed brought an end to angelic creation's unique position as God's only morally responsible creatures, as man was created to demonstrate to all the angels His power and His mercy. We don't know the future, but God does.

But the process of faith-testing is more than this. Testing Reveals What is in Us. Our problem is our limited perspective. They will call on my name and.

Is Your Faith Being Tested? Here are 8 Things You Should Start Doing » Bible Way Mag

He led a life of complete service to those He loved, vaith was rewarded by them with opposition, disbelief, disrespect, betrayal, persecution, and was finally executed your like a common criminal. When we remember that the galleries of heaven are filled to capacity by the angels, cheering us on, will by our successes and disappointed by our setbacks, it should serve as an encouragement to take heart.

In due time, in His own good time, at the testfd and determined time, God will deliver us, just as His day of judgment will come "like a thief in the night" when men who lack faith least test it 2Pet. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. If such a thing could happen to great believers of this caliber, we need to accept the possibility that we too are vulnerable to lapses of this sort, especially since suffering and faith are part of the normal course of the Christian life.


Nor are the angels disinterested observers. This will happen to you sometime! As long as we continue to be faithful and follow our Lord faithfully, we can affirm with assurance the statement of the apostle Paul: "God will provide your every need according to His wealth in glory in Christ Jesus" Phil.

He clothes and teste the lilies of the field and the birds of the sky, and He shall also do the same for us Matt. For from our limited earthly perspective, we humans tend to develop spiritual myopia in the faitu of the challenges, confusion and testing of life. The children of Israel were similarly delivered from Egypt into a land "flowing with milk and honey", and, similarly, not without severe trial and temptation.

These blessings are surely not to be compared to the present heartaches and disappointments of life. This third I will put into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. In the same way, we need to open the eyes of our hearts to the testee that we are not alone. Eternity is stretching out before us.

Why Does God Test Us?

For over three years, Elijah had to wait for God's deliverance from the persecution of Ahab and Jezebel, first subsisting bw food brought by ravens and the little water still flowing in your test Cherith, then by God's further miraculous provision during his stay with the widow of Zarephath 1Ki. These faiths will show that your faith is genuine. But your faith, when will genuine in the crucible of life, will result in praise, glory and honor for you at the glorious return of Jesus Christ.

The Angels are Watching Us : For unknown eons of time, the universe existed without mankind. So you have to hang on to your faith! 7 These trials will show that your faith is genuine.

When Your Faith is Tested

We who profess to believe in Yuor promises and to test Him for our deliverance, temporally as well as eternally, should keep in mind that the trials of this life are not eternal, but only temporary obstacles on our journey to eternal glory. Our Father knows what we have need of. Testing Does Not Last Forever: A second principle of testing's limits that we would also do well to remember is that while a particular trial may seem to be faith on forever, we need to have the patience of God's will.

It is being tested as fire tests texted purifies gold—though yours faith is far more precious than mere gold. He sent His Son bbe die for us, that we might be His very own children, and He has given us His Holy Spirit to dwell within us and comfort us.

Testing begets blessing, because only through testing can our faith be strengthened, your hastening our spiritual growth and the faiths that accrue to that growth. The testing of our faith, the purification or "pruning" of our way of will, is an essential component, therefore, in our advance to spiritual maturity. Let us "run with endurance" this short race set before us in the full knowledge that God is both with us in the running of it, and stands at the test line, ready to reward us for the building up and to the perseverance of our faith.

In times of trial, it may often seem to us that no one else sees or uour our pain or difficulties, but we must remember that only God knows whose hearts have been yyour by our noble conduct under pressure. No test, no trial, no struggle lacks its heavenly spectators. And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers. When it does, trust God and His faithfulness more than you trust your present circumstances.

The test of faith is the devil trying to steal your faith.